Reconnecting With The Spirit, Modern Kabbalah

The Kabbalah is a ancient wisdom tradition that has been passed down through the ages through the collection of texts known as The Zohar with the purpose of helping one understand their soul’s essence, place in the world and connection with other people. Recently there has been a huge uptick in public interest pertaining  the Kabbalah, especially in California.

One of the main reasons for this marked interest has to do with the prevalence of the Kabbalah Centre, a nonprofit educational organization which was founded in Los Angeles by a Rabbi named Philip Berg in the 1980s. The organization’s primary goal is to disseminate information pertaining to the Kabbalah to everyone which was, at the time, a unusual proposition as prior to Berg, the Zoharic texts where issued only to orthodox Jewish males of a certain age (which varied but was usually set at around 40 years of age or more).

Kabbalic practice itself is all about the myriad ways in which a individual can navigate the world in a more spiritually fulfilling way that will also aid them in connecting with other people. This makes Kabbalistic teachings very different from other religious teachings such as Christianity or Islam which tend to focus on the heavenly sphere or obtaining closeness with divinity generally by sacrificing one’s worldly attachment. In contrast, Kabbalah encourages everyone to embrace the worldly experience, even within the realms of carnal pleasure (though it does not advocate hedonism), thus where some religions would say do not eat [x] the Kabbalah would say, eat [x] especially if it aids you in connecting with other human beings (such as a dinner engagement where one would have the opportunity to talk with one’s peers or friends in a pleasing way).

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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer- President and CEO of RBS Group

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, famously known as Duda Melzer, is the president and chairperson of the media corporation of Brazil, RBS Group. He began working as the National Market’s General Manager for the company in 2004. Duda was later promoted to serve as the vice president of business and market development with the task of growing national dimension of RBS. In 2010, he became executive vice president of RBS Group.

Assuming the Presidency of RBS Group

Duda Melzer took over RBS Group presidency on 3/7/2002 from his uncle Nelson Sirotsky. Duda Melzer’s appointed is attributed to his endless commitment to the values and principles of RBS Group as well as his passion for developing corporate objectives. Duda Melzer is also devoted to technological development in consideration to the human aspect. RBS Group’s dedication in affairs management, passionate employees and its impact on peoples’ lives captivated Duda.

Duda is also the founder and chairman of the digital investment firm, e. Bricks, which functions in Brazil and USA. He joined the Family Enterprise Cambridge Institute leaders’ list in 2015. The institute’s mandate is to gather a new generation of family members specializing in business together. Duda received Ernst and Young Family Business Entrepreneur Award Of The Year in the same year, 2015.

RBS Group Achievements

According to Globo, RBS Group is a digital industry that is made up of communication, which comprises television, radio and newspaper, corporate, and digital education as part of its strategic pillars of business. RBS Group, under the leadership of its CEO, Duda, recently partnered with Samsung to introduce Galaxy Tab tablets, the ZH Tablet device, which is easy to use. According to Duda, RBS’s intention is to meet the audience’s particular content by relating with them as well as enabling the advertisers to measure the ads’s returns through analyzing data. In addition, RBS and ZH Tablet, under the leadership of Duda Melzer, are committed to offering fresh content and applications development dedicated on each user’s individual experience enhancement.

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A (Jason) Hope for the future of the internet of things among other things

Jason Hope has a master’s degree in business and is a futurist, someone who attempts to divine the future from the solid evidence before them. We also know him to believe the future is very bright a single glance at his website welcomes the user with a scrolling headline of quotes and ideologies from the man himself. He is a rare individual, one who seeks to use his skills to further mankind as opposed to making a quick profit off whatever is available. But I digress, he has some specific thoughts on the “internet of things” and how they will help humanity as a whole.

The internet of things is a concept of inter connectivity that is so inclusive it becomes normal for every single thing to be connected. Jason Hope believes this will be a great boon to humanity. He forecasts that at home your phone or similar device will become a universal remote for every gadget, every device and everything inside it. Once public transportation is integrated into this massive network, buses and other modes of public transportation will be more able to avoid particularly congested traffic or make small deviations to pick up additional passengers ultimately becoming faster, safer and more convenient even than one’s own vehicle. This will ultimately prove to clean the air as more people will take the more efficient public transit causing fewer cars to clog the streets, and making the preferred public transit ever more useful and popular.

Jason Hope is not complacent in his visions of a better future though he has few skills to directly influence it, he has wealth and business sense enough to invest in medical and technological startups that have the potential to greatly change how humans thrive among our new internet of things. That is not to say he simply invests, however, Jason is a great man who sets aside funds for SENS, an anti-aging firm and similar groups that he finds to be doing great if underfunded work. It is my personal belief that Jason is a man worthy of praise and adoration.

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