Nothing Borrowed, Nothing Blue, Nothing Old But Something 250 Units New

Atlantic City known for its great views, hot summers and blazing casino scene is about to get even hotter next summer. That’s right, what’s heating things up for next summer may take you by surprise. Real estate is what is sizzling up things for next summer, specifically according to the Press Of Atlantic City, a 250 new apartment development is getting ready to open next summer. This new apartment development will be the city’s first major market rate project development in the last 25 years. For Atlantic City to have such a large development project is a major win for them. The project will super charge the city in many ways by first providing for the 50,000 people working in the resort town. Second, the real estate project is seen as a beacon of optimism by signifying the city’s potential to grow despite various circumstances that have occurred over the past few years. Boraie Development LLC is the power force behind this 250 new apartment development and according to The Press Of Atlantic City and it will be known as The Beach At South Inlet. The nice little hearty price tag of this lovely, little project is $81 million dollars.

A prime reason the apartment project is viewed with importance, along with the Atlantic City Gateway project is because they show that stability is taking place and will serve as a magnet for other potential investment projects in the future. In addition, it serves notice to the neighboring cities that Atlantic City is getting stronger and they’re competing harder for business.

It seems that one of the real power forces behind these events is Boraie, Vice President Wasseem Boraie. Sam Boraie had mentioned to The Press Of Atlantic City “new generation of renters knows what they want,” and it would seem that he and his organization is there to fulfill that need which is modern house interiors. A recent report had released information stating that about 61 percent of Atlantic City’s housing stock is more than 40 years old. So for Boraie it is a great move for them to build this apartment complex, because they are providing a prime product to a desperate need, injecting life into the economy and setting themselves as the “go to” person who provides modern interiors. Check out to see more.

Boraie had never been a stranger to going against grain, so to speak. To go in the opposite direction has always been the norm with a Boraie. When you’re the type of person whom is always ahead of your time and do your business affairs in the same way, being asked “are you crazy” might be a question you’re asked often. However, one note that must be mentioned is that the “crazy question” is always the one to be the crazy question itself because the results of the methods and practices always come out so well. It is nice to see that a person with the ability to think ahead to make impossible things possible and have the fortitude to ignore the self-doubt that every human has met from time to time.

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