Accusations without Merit

Securus Technologies is a company that supports their customers with high-quality products and security features. The products they create are based on online streaming services, focusing mainly on seamless video conferencing applications. You have patience can be downloaded for free and are compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Since Securus Technologies customers are inmates living within the American prison system being able to freely communicate using video streaming technology is used for when they wish to communicate with their loved ones outside of the prison. This particular product is free to download it does charge minimal amounts of money for calling costs, but this is usually based upon distance and if the call is being made from state-to-state. Other products Securus creates are aimed at security, something which is very important within the judicial system and within enforcement positions.

Securus itself, although marked as being a strong company, has been met recently with some criticism, primarily from other information technology giant GTL. GTL has claimed that Securus has recently lost most of its product patents, stating that a great number of products have expired and are now available to the open market. While this initial accusation came as a great blow to Securus Technologies, recent studies by Securus personnel as well as other third-party sources have discovered that these claims are inaccurate and baseless. Securus still maintains all of its patents for its products and will continue to do so for a long period of time.


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