During his career in both investment and finance, Peter Briger has an amplified reputation as a dedicated and competent leader. He serves as a Co-Chairman and President at Fortress Investment Group. Briger was appointed the head of real estate and credit, Principal and President and in November 2006 he became the Director. He was then named Co-Chairman in August 2009 later he became a Co-CEO in December 2017 and had served in both positions ever since. He has a bachelor’s degree in Arts from The University of Princeton and a Masters from Pennsylvania University in Business Administration. Since Peter joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002, he has outgrown the business, and he oversees the company’s credit business. He has a team of over three hundred employees and majors in distressed and underestimated assets and credit investments that are illiquid.

Peter Briger is ranked #307 in the Forbes with a net worth of over $1.5 Billion. Peter Briger serves as a Spearhead’s Advisory Board member and a director at The University of Princeton Investment Company. Briger became a partner at Goldman Sach in 1996 after working for the company for fifteen years. During his career in this company, he had served as trading and loan sales Co-Head, Principal of a fixed debt company Co-Head and a Co-Head at an Asian company that majored in Real estate. He also handled issues pertaining debt distress at an international financial company. Linketone limited company had also appointed him as an Advisory Board Member.In 2013, a number of Executives from Wells Frago, One of the largest banks in the Nation, traveled to New York to Fortress Investment Group to discuss venturing into the Bitcoin Exchange Market.

Peter Briger was given the privilege to explain the reason why the fortress company was fascinated by Bitcoin Technology. A cording to him, the Bitcoin Business was a gold mine, and it would provide a secure and cheap money transfer platform to people all over the world. He also talked about the lack of a regulated American-based Bitcoin exchange which was something that Wells Fargo and Fortress Investment Group could together provide. The meeting inconclusively ended but though conversations went on, the two giants never ventured into the Bitcoin due to some crisis that arose in the Bitcoin business. This yielded an opportunity for Wall Street to get comfortable with this renegaded technology though it took a long and sluggish process. Learn More.

Kerv Wearables has create a great new ring for PSI Pay

Kerv Wearables has create a great new ring for PSI Pay. The two companies have joined forces to bring the world a new option for contactless payments. Their solution is fast and easy, it is a small ring that wearers can use to make payments. In the previous 20 years of PSI Pay’s business history, they have not had anything this great. Their contactless payment solutions were convenient and revolutionary, and they offered customers an easy way to make payments, but this has changed the entire financial world. No other company has created a ring that customers can wear and use to make payments. The ring is comfortable and stylish.


PSI Pay invented the ring with the goal of offering their customers something new and different. The ring is made of a material that can outlast steel, and the inside is made of a material that is comfortable and will not irritate skin. The ring is sturdy enough to stand up to extreme weather, and it will not break if a customer wears it on a daily basis. The ring was released for consumers in the summer of 2017. It retails in two colors. With the PSI Pay ring, there is no need to connect to your debit or credit card or your smart phone. The ring acts as its own entity.


PSI Pay has been certified by the safety board at MasterCard. They made sure the rings were dependable and secure. The rings are encrypted, so no one can steal the streams of electronic data as you are making a purchase. The power comes from the electromagnetic streams being emitted from the merchant’s POS station. Therefor, there is never a need to charge the ring or replace a battery. The tough and practical rings are quickly becoming a favorite with customers who enjoy traveling.


The wallet system used by the PSI Pay ring is the European system. It is the opposite of the American wallet. The European wallet lets the customer purchase funds for the ring in the form of E cash. When the customer wants to make a purchase, the funds come from the wallet. The customer can also send funds from the wallet to their other financial institutions in an instant. The American wallet contains a single method of payment that communicates with a single merchant. The European wallet that PSI Pay uses have proven to be very useful.

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How Madison Street Capital has gained its excellent reputation over the years

Is this the first time you hear about Madison Street Capital? If so, worry no more. We have curated everything you need to know. Madison Street Capital is a worldwide investment banking company based in Chicago. Some of their services include valuation services for public and private companies, corporate advisory services, financial opinions and much more. They maintain core values like excellence, integrity, and great leadership.

All services offered by the firm help their clients to put their company in the global market. The company works with customers to achieve the goals they have set. The company believes that the achievement of the client is their success. What they have accomplished since they began is incomparable. The firm asks customers to judge them with the benefits they bring to the enterprise.

Earning an excellent reputation in the corporate finance world

With the focus on offering investment, banking services of the middle market Madison Street Capital has won a magnificent reputation in the financial industry due to its experience, integrity, and expertise. Some of the key clients include Bond Medical Group, Fiber Science, and Central Lowa Energy. The Chicago based company has offices in Oregon, India, and Ghana and takes a global approach to all their services. Their top executives bring broad skills and knowledge in every transaction.

Recently, Madison Street Capital served as the only financial advisor to DCG software value, the leading company in software analytics in its merger with Spitfire Group. After the merger, the top staff at both companies gave high praise to the staff at Madison Square Capital. They especially admire CEO Charles Botchway and MD Jay Rodgers. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital was recognized in the M&A Advisor Awards that happen annually. The awards recognize the top companies in the corporate financing world. The company won top honors due to the role it played in the Acuna and Associates.

Another major victory for Madison Street Capital was coordinating a minority subordinated and equity debt investment for ARES Security Corporation. ARES is a Virginia based company with an excellent reputation for offering security software solution for government and business entities.

The reputation of Madison Street Capital further grew when it advised WLR Automotive Group on a leaseback and sale transaction worth $13.2M. WLR specializes in car washing, lube, detailing, and auto repair. The operation helped WLR reinvest and raise capital. The CEO of the Group complimented Madison’s team of its ability to close the deal smoothly and quickly.

Another prominent deal that helped Madison build its reputation further was the exclusive advisors in helping HeartSync grow regarding capital. HeartSync is a leading medical device company based in Michigan.

In conclusion, many more deals have helped Madison Street Capital gain the high reputation it has today. The ones mentioned above are just the major ones. Learn more: