Mike Baur Marketing Mastermind Connects With Audiences

Technology does this wonderful job of connecting all of us, but Mike Baur questions whether your marketing game is up to par. You start on this journey and the minute you believe you’re an expert in predicting your audience, the path changes, and you begin to miss out on potential customers. Baur says the key to knowing your audience is understanding change and being prepared to evolve.


Baur knows savvy marketers triangulate data to find new audiences and explore audience opportunities. Social media offers a plethora of audiences that are diverse, complex, and evolving. Whether we like it or not, a myriad of platforms that make up a social landscape play a central role in everyone’s lives today. And social media has enabled us to understand all kinds of real world dynamics. Baur says today’s content is an emotional contagion. Tweets, Facebook posts, or even Linkedin content are contagious, and the rewards for businesses are vocalizations, and a wider audience. It’s a wide open world online.


Mike Baur, founder of Swiss Startup Factory is a successful businessman and personal development coach. He’s earned high ratings for his workshops, combining his unique insight with impressive marketing savvy. Two decades of successful business consulting has resonated with audiences, and entrepreneurs are waiting in line to get a shot at his high powered program. His approach addresses the rigueur of a new startup from scratch.


During his program, he points out the rules of engagement: clickable headlines, trigger words, and essential information to start with. Baur says technology has become an everyday reliable part of our lives. We can’t help but to check online, and click and swipe. Customers increasingly use social media to reach out to brands, proactively and reactively. Entrepreneurs can respond with branded content that finds solutions; that’s what customers are seeking.


Whether using social media to contribute unique insights, or poke fun, or deploy information, entrepreneurs can use the opportunity to engage an audience, and also generate word of mouth. It’s in real time, and it is amplified. The most important factor is to make it work for you. Take Youtube; it’s an instantaneous form of communication, and because of the imagery, it is highly personal, with a profound connection.


Baur says there are a wide range of possibilities when it comes to marketing, and at the Swiss Startup Factory, entrepreneurs develop tangible strategies to get them to the final phase.


Visiting Roberto Santiago’s Mall For Fun Hangout Times

There are a lot of reasons that people go to Manaira Shopping mall owned by Roberto Santiago. While there is the usual clothes and fashion shopping, there are also plenty of activities that people can take part in that does not involve buying products. As a matter of fact, Manaira shopping is a hangout spot. There are a lot of activities that people can check out for free. Given the size of the mall, there are always events that people can go to and enjoy. Therefore, tons of people enjoy hanging out at Manaira Mall.


Among the places people can go are food courts where they can meet one another and order food that goes beyond the usual fast food. They can check out different foods from other cultures. This opens up options for people to enjoy. They can discover new dishes, new tastes, and gain tons of nutrition while they are at it. Customers will appreciate all of the thought that has went into Manaira Shopping Mall’s expansion. For one thing, a lot of thought has been put into the type of spaces that has been brought forth for Manaira Shopping mall.


Then of course there is the shopping aspect of the mall. Fortunately, there are tons of stores that sell different products such as clothing, furniture, electronics and plenty of other types of products. People can explore clothes and find some styles that they haven’t seen at other malls. Makeovers are very amazing for people who visit the mall. It is not uncommon for people to go to Manaira Shopping with enough money and come out feeling like new people.


The best part of hanging out at Manaira Mall is the wide variety of entertainment choices. It is still considered amazing for shopping malls to include a movie theater. Manaira Shopping includes concert halls, arcades, and some of the most luxurious theaters in town. Therefore, people will be able to enjoy full meals while they are watching their favorite movies. A lot of work has also been put into the cinema system so that they can deliver the best picture and sound possible.


The Internet Of Things According To Jason Hope

Many online users have probably have heard something about the Internet of Things. For those that are wondering what it is, the Internet of Things is exactly as the name suggests. It is an internet that is connected to different things. This could include household items such as appliances, furniture, and other items.

This technological advancement has been made possible because of smart technology. This advancement is also something that is being backed by Jason Hope. Jason has a lot of good things to say about the hopes he has for the Internet of Things.

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Jason Hope looks at many of the the potential benefits that could come with the Internet of Things. For one thing, many different household items can connect together and share data with one another. This can make things more efficient and lower the amount of excess and waste in the home. Among other potential benefits that could come with this type of connection is the ability to find a lost item. When items are synced to the same network, all one would have to do is track the item they need so that they will be able to find it. This is just the beginning of the benefits that the Internet of Things can bring.

Jason Hope believes that this technological advancement could be of great benefit not just for residents, but also for commercial business. For one thing, it can bring forth greater earning opportunities for people and increase the income of corporations. At the same time, it could also reduce some of the expenses. Therefore, it is a two-fold way of increasing the amount of money corporations have. This will give them more financial room for expansion. Jason Hope understands that the brightest future that humanity faces is a future of connection with one another.

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OSI Group Makes Three Major Purchases

OSI Group is a privately held company, has become one of America’s Top 100 food companies., and operates in 16 countries. Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, it is a holding company of meat processors that service the food service and retail industries. Their own products include hot dogs, bacon, breakfast sausage, meat patties, pizza, poultry, fish, and vegetable products.

OSI has acquired three other food companies in order to create an even larger global presence and a broader manufacturing network.

Tyson Foods plant in Chicago

In June 2016, OSI bought this 200,000-square-foot plant for $7.4 million. Tyson Foods had announced that there would be a loss of 480 jobs when it had to shut down the facility by October 1, 2016. On June 2, which was the final day of production at the plant, approximately 250 employees remained, and OSI offered many of them employment.

This plant is located near OSI’s other Chicago facilities and will support continued business growth. Tyson Foods had previously made prepared meals, chicken cordon bleu, meatballs, tempura chicken, crepes, soups, omelets, and sauces. Tyson’s plant which makes steaks, and its offices are still in operation.

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Baho Food

In August 2016, OSI acquired Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats, convenience foods, and snacks in order to give OSI a broader European presence. Baho has five subsidiaries with processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany that serve customers in 18 European countries. Baho’s team of managers will remain in the business and work with OSI to develop a growth strategy and offer customers a broader product portfolio.

Flagship Europe

In December 2016, OSI acquired this Denver, Colorado, supplier of sous vide products, frozen poultry, pies sauces, mayonnaise, and dressings to the UK food service market. Flagship Europe had also extended its presence in the food-to-go sector following its acquisition of Calder Foods, a UK-based supplier of marinades, sandwich fillings, sauces, dips, and mayonnaise.

Dick DeVos Now Talking About How Much He’s Given To Charity

It’s a well-known fact that Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have opened up their vaults to give their money to local charities and non-profits, but just how much in any given year let alone their lifetime has remained a mystery over the years. But now they’ve taken an unprecedented step to make known just how much they’ve given, perhaps in an effort to add transparency to Betsy DeVos’s nomination to President Trump’s cabinet. Most of their charity work has involved gifts to local law enforcement and emergency responders, schools, churches, business coalitions, museums, libraries and political activist groups. All in all, the numbers they’ve released on their philanthropy add up to about $139 million in lifetime giving.


Dick DeVos has been able to be active in philanthropy thanks to the success he’s had in his family business and his own company, The Windquest Group. Dick has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Northwood University where he also sits on the Board of Trustees today. He started out as a vice president at Amway Corporation, the company that his father Richard DeVos Sr. founded back in 1957. He became CEO of Amway in 1993 and led the company for 10 years, helping to generate billions in profits over those years. At The Windquest Group he invests in alternative energy, technology and local retail businesses.


Dick and Betsy have been longtime political activists going all the way back to their college days and speaking their values on campuses. In 1992 they started the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which has been their leading point for funding education reform and private schools. They’ve helped lower income children attend private schools through scholarship programs, and have also helped expand charter schools in the state. They were instrumental in founding the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a charter school that teaches young people basics in aviation and mechanics in addition to the general curriculum.


Dick DeVos has been responsible for residential and commercial development projects in Grand Rapids over the years thanks to his work at Grand Action. Grand Action helped fund construction of an arena, local theaters, museums and other downtown areas of Grand Rapids. Dick and Betsy have supported and been active in the Republican Party for many years, including when Betsy was chair of the party about 10 years ago. Dick also ran in the 2006 governor’s race though he came up short in that election. He also was the leader of a right-to-work coalition that helped get legislation passed in 2012.


How Sweetgreen Has Managed To Stay Successful

Nathaniel Ru and a couple of friends from Georgetown University noticed that there were no healthy places where they could eat. They decided to start one by themselves. Ru said that the first store was on M Street in the downtown area and they had opened more than 20 stores since then. Ru was speaking at the Wharton Marketing Conference hosted by the Wharton Business School. Ru said that the landlord of the building where the first store was located was also the landlord of another apartment near the place they lived. Ru said that they called her every day until she decided to sit with them to listen to their idea. He thanks the lady for believing in them and allowing them to open the first Sweetgreen store there.


Theresa Dold is the head of digital marketing. Theresa said that the reason they were successful was because they always started with the “why.” She stated that customers buy “why” you do something and not what you do. The company emulated Apple and wanted to establish a brand that developed products the way Apple did. She said that the founders wanted Sweetgreen to be social, smart, local, and cool. That is how they modeled it from the start.


Ru added that each store they open has to be in tune with the values of the company. He said that these values are important and are posted in every Sweetgreen kitchen. They make sure that everybody benefits from the experience, from the customers to the community. They also ensure that everything that is associated with the brand is authentic including the source of the food or the service that the employees provide. Ru said that the concept of fusing in music with food came up when they opened a store in the middle of Washington, D.C and they did not get customers for two weeks. Traffic to the store started increasing day by day when they started playing music on Saturdays and Sundays. They decided to start Sweetlife Music and Food Festival that is held annually.


Nathaniel Ru graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. He is the principal at SWTLF Ventures which makes investments in startup companies. The venture has invested in companies such as LOLA, Bond Street, MeUndies, and EatPops. He has been the face of Sweetgreen since it was founded and has helped the company to observe its values together with his co-founders.

Former Chemistry Major Sam Boraie Makes Good in Real Estate

Sam Boraie, who is the Vice President of Boraie Development, is a member of the Board of Trustees for the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey. In 2014, Sam Boraie had helped the theater raise $765,000. Boraie is sponsoring four free summer films for children from July 14 to August 4th. He is also an advisory board member for Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise is committed to ending hunger and break the cycle of poverty. It started as a soup kitchen run by volunteers. Elijah’s Promise can improve lives by offering culinary cooking classes. It was first established at St. John’s Church in 1989.

Sam Boraie is Vice President of a company that employs 50 employees. Sam Boraie is the son of Omar Boraie who currently heads Boraie Development. His brother is in training to one day take over the business. The Boraie Family is from Egypt and had migrated to the United States back in the early 1970s. The family in the business include Sam, his father, his brother, and a sister. He is been involved with the family business for over 20 years. He is one the most visionary representatives in the entire real estate business. Boraie Developers outsells its competitors. The Boraie Family turned crime-riddled New Brunswick into a showplace.

The company is revitalizing communities in the North Central Jersey and South Jersey areas, including Atlantic City. It is Sam Boraie’s plan that the poor parts of New Brunswick will need to be revitalized again. Boraie Development is also partnering with celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal. In 2013, O’ Neal commissioned Boraie Development to help him design a condominium tower to build where the building of the old Science High School stood. The 23-story/169 unit will be built with shops on the first floor. O’Neal previously teamed up with Boraie Developers to create a movie theater.

When he originally came to the United States in 1970 for his doctorate studies in chemistry, the 27-year-old discovered the real estate world and never looked back. Now 73 years old, Sam Boraie is the father of three grown children.

Why You’ll Love Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern, Founder and managing partner of JMH Developments is now known as one of the top boutique developers in the world. Halpern had a recent interview with “The Real Deal”, a journal that talks about business and the best of the best when it comes to leadership, innovation, and of course it’s exclusive to real estate. Halpern stole the hearts of all motivated developers when he was open to discussing his travel between the major cities that he is building in with JMH Developments.


The primary cities Halpern is after include Miami Beach, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Always on the go, Halpern knows that it’s all about hustling, which has enabled him to stand behind more than $500 million dollars in project since 2007. Whether there are developments in residential or commercial real estate, Halpern can get the job done. Striking deals with some of the top companies like Kushner and Rockpoint, he has put himself in a winning position around the clock.


Halpern is no stranger to luxury, and when he is building, the luxury is first and foremost regardless of the city he’s working in with his team. Striving to be the biggest and the best is ideal for Halpern, in that he doesn’t know any different. Taking the time to write the strategies and lay the groundwork for each property has made Halpern a household name in real estate around the world. His developments seem to be the models to beat, but he’s modest about it.


One of the things that is most notable about Halpern is that he lives where he works. Halpern could easily live in a much larger home, but he chooses to have his home and his work all in the same place. This labor of love, 184 Kent Street is the cream of the crop in terms of apartment buildings that he has developed over the last several years. It’s safe to say that he is comfortable with his development and that he’s confident in the team he has hired to do the job.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen
Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Halpern is currently engaged to be married, and has a teenage son from a previous marriage. Halpern loves to race cars, go scuba diving with his son, and most importantly he loves to develop building after building.

John Goullet, A Leading Entrepreneur in IT Solutions

Making something out of nothing is not something that just anyone can do. It takes much work and talent to make a business out of a simple idea and make it a leading company. When it comes to John Goullet, this however is something that he is brilliant at. He knows how to start something from the very beginning, take an idea and turn it into something that is highly successful.

John started his very first company back in 1994, Info Technologies, by coming of with a leading idea in the IT sector. He first entered into the field as an IT consultant and then began his very own IT staffing business. He had the clear idea that you must merge growing trends and that is how Info Technologies first began. They focus mainly on the solutions of many Fortune 500 companies. In just a short few years, 5 to be exact, he grew his company into a $30 million dollar company. This allowed the business to be ranked 8 on the list of the 500 Fastest Growing Companies. At least that are privately owned and operated. In the year 2010, John merged his company with Diversant Inc which allowed for him to continue growing and prospering from his business venture. The internet world is always growing and therefore, there will always be a need for someone in the IT sector.

What makes John different from the rest, you ask? Maybe it is his driven drive to be part of something that is much bigger than himself alone. Maybe it is the fact that he grew up believing that you must work very hard for something if you want it and that you should never just live having something handed to you. This is most likely what has lead his way down the road of success.

No matter what has lead him there, it is his hard work that will keep him at the top of the list of leading entrepreneurs.

Kenneth Goodgame; a Result Driven Business Manager

Kenneth Goodgame is amongst the best business managers whose managerial expertise has seen many companies achieve best outcomes. Most of the companies he has managed have made a historical growth of sales and revenue.

Kenneth Goodgame started his career after acquiring a bachelor’s degree in marketing from University of Tennessee. His academic background and passion have seen him develop innovative marketing and merchandising skills.

Some of the business enterprises he has led include True Value Hardware Corporation based in Chicago. From 2013 to 2015, he served as the company’s vice president and chief merchandising officer. During his leadership, he was responsible for the company’s marketing, advertising, sales, and global sourcing.

As the chief merchandising officer of the company, Mr. Goodgame restructured the merchandising team to feature highly skilled experts. This enabled the company to achieve growth in savings from 2% to 10% in a year. He also designed an advertising program that marked the company’s first appearance on television for ten years. For this reason, the customers grew by 8%. This increase in customer base translated into a 4% increase in retail comps and 9% growth in average ticket amount.

Apart from restructuring the merchandising team and developing an effective advertisement plan, Mr. Goodgame also started a 250 SKU EDLP program for the company’s retailers. In the scheme, the company’s stock of price-sensitive SKUs was reduced. For this reason, they improved their retail price perception.

Through Mr. Goodgame’s smart business strategies and quality improvements, True value Hardware Corporation improved its performance and profitability as compared to the previous years when the company was under a different leadership.

Goodgame has an extensive experience as an executive in leading companies. For instance, he was the General Merchandising Manager of Ace Hardware Corporation, President of Baja Motorsports, and senior vice president of Irwin PTA and Shur-Line Painting Products.

Most of the companies he served experienced productivity enhancements, quality team management, and corporate alignments that made them realize some of the most profitable years. Through his accomplishments, Mr. Goodgame can be described as a goal-oriented businessperson.