Imran Haque was an excellent medical Doctor, treasured by many because of his outstanding care and services that he offers. He specialized in Internal Medicine hence later obtained a license in medicine. Imran had various qualifications in his field of specialization including an M.D from the University of Virginia and got a Degree from a university located in Santo Domingo known as Universidad Iberoamericana. When working in Asheboro, he got to practice medicine at Horizon Internal Medicine. He had the opportunity to work in this field for over 15 years dealing with patients suffering from many diseases. Due to continuous practice and high level of skills that he used to deal with various conditions he was able to serve the residents diligently for those who made an effort to visit him in his workplaces and facility.

Imran was able to gain lots of experience as he worked at the hospital enabling him to gain trust from his patients. He was also willing to offer services which were not provided locally in their community.

He emphasized that to make it as a medical professional, you have to be patient, practice hard work and do thorough research. It was important to keep connected to other professionals who have worked in the same field to ensure you succeed well. He also said that to achieve you have to be patient enough.

Haque says that one thing that made him excited is the way technology had been incorporated in Health Care and also essential developments to Medicine. The control of Information had improved harmonized care, simplified data-entry and advanced all phases of patient care which include keeping records. The revolutions had allowed the specialists to offer excellent facilities to the patients while streamlining workflow.

Imran said that one thing that encourages him to be more fruitful as a business person is his ability to do several things at the same time hence able to be productive. He goes on to say that to succeed we have to show kindness and respect to all people you encounter and to treat others as you wish to be treated too.