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Brian Bonar: From Success to Success

The financial world, in all its various forms, has always been a mystery to the general public. Apart from occasional news bits and movies from Hollywood, not much is known about it. The reality is that there are many professionals in the financial world who are successful and may even become well known for their popularity and success. One such person is Brian Bonar. He is the CEO of Trucept Incorporated and has years of experience in his chosen field. Before joining Trucept he worked for Dalrada Financial Corporation.Trucept Incorporated can be called a company that specializes in the human resources department. Small to medium size businesses do not need the distraction of the nitty gritty aspects of running a company.

That is where Trucept comes into the picture. They take care of payroll, benefits, taxes and even employee hiring if necessary. Another aspect of running a business is risk management, which Trucepts will do for small and medium size businesses. This way businesses can pay attention to what their business is involved in and let Trucept worry about the mundane aspects of running a business.Interestingly, Mr.Bonars education is not in finance but in engineering. He holds a Bachelors degree in technical engineering and a Masters degree from Stanford in Mechanical Engineering. The early part of his career was spent mostly in companies like IBM where the work was more technical oriented as opposed financial. After cutting his teeth at IBM he went on to work for QMS where he worked as Director of Engineering.

From QMS he moved on to Rastek Corporation where he served as vice president of sales and marketing. Rastek specializes in printing and while working there he worked with customers from corners of the globe. He took his experience that he gained from Rastek and started his own company called Bezier Systems. This company went on to create and release a printer based on the SCSI or “skuzee” concept and released it to the world. From there he continued working in printing technology and related business for various other multinational corporations. It was from there he entered the financial services world by joining Dalrada and then finally at Trucepts Incorporated, where he is now.

Why People Aren’t Informed About Social Security and Why We Should Change This; David Giertz Weighs In

When prompted by The Wall Street Journal about the need for advisors to communicate with their clients about social security, David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial’s Distribution and Sales department, imparted a lot of information in the short 2 minute interview. He explained that the lack of communication stems on Facebook mostly from the advisors lack of confidence over their own knowledge of the rules regarding Social Security (the handbook regarding this, he states, has over 2,700 listed rules.)

This is coming from a true source of expertise, as David Giertz (52) has over 30 years of brokering experience and has been working alongside Nationwide as President of his department for 4 years this March, having began his work with the insurance company in March of 2006. Giertz has shown a huge sense of responsibility for the livelihoods of people entering retirement on Nationwide.

During an interview with CNBC he states; “Our parents and grandparents had pensions, but they are drying up and going away,” Giertz goes on to state that his initiative is to create a plan for people retiring that will leave them with as much retirement income as possible and to do so, he intends to “maximize Social Security benefits”. This compassion that he exhibits towards the future of senior citizens can easily be attributed to just how much experience he truly has.

Further in the Wall Street Journal interview, Giertz goes on to explain the potential negative effects not being well informed about Social Security can have on a person’s future. In reference to what makes up the retirement income plan, Giertz states that Social Security can make up for 40% of that.

He ends the interview at with one final reminder of just how important Social Security is and can be for the future of clients.

Davos Financial Creates a New App

David Osio is the founder/CEO of one of the largest financial companies called Davos Real Estate which was first started in Venezuela. David Osio has worked very hard with his company to become an international company to even work on the state side like Florida and New York. This company gives other companies financial advice to become bigger corporations along with buying real estates. The Davos Real Estate Group is a large amount of independent companies and licensed companies that would help them create management strategies and financial servicing advisories. His income has increased immensely throughout the decade with his company. The companies expansions throughout the country and its marketing internationally has also increased immensely and continues to grow. His company continues to come up with new ideas to better the company. David’s company now has an application that can be downloaded to IPhones and Androids that help companies design and develop to gain and invest proprieties. This company has been going for over a decade already and is going stronger. David loves to travel and is expanding his group and company throughout countries which gives other people a chance at jobs.

David Osio has worked in law firms which help him know how to legally work around any kind of loops to help companies with their financial strategies. He had also worked with banks as well which gives him the skills and experience how to deal with them when finance is needed to buy or purchase any real estate or company that he feels they could use for their group David is a very nice and caring individual. He donates to two large charities in Venezuela but he also donates to other charities as well and sponsors events every year, and is also an art collector.  His company has been given many international awards including an honor medal from the United States. David’s company was given an award back in 2014 for best consulting firm for businesses. This man has helped many businesses become big corporations all over and we really need more men like him. Learn more:

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