Why Gooee is introducing smart and LED lights

EISA changed the world of lighting in the home when they passed a legislation to eliminate CFL’s and other non-efficient lighting systems in the home. At the time, almost a decade ago, people did not understand why they were being told to ditch the bulb. However, after seeing the benefits of smart and LED lighting, they are starting to appreciate.
LED Lights and their perks
LED lights from Gooee are a very viable replacement to other bulb types. When a mere incandescent produces about 18lm/w of light, the LED produces 78. What makes the deal even better is that the better quality of light costs less in terms of units of electricity used. People had a problem with LED’s because they cost a lot, but over time, they come to realize that buying one and allowing it to serve you for a number of months is more economical than changing the CFL several times a year.
Research shows that using LED will reduce the energy bill by at least $130 annually, but the savings could be more depending on the area that is receiving the lighting. The LED bulb also lasts for up to 50,000 hours without getting ruined, making it the better buy.
Smart lighting in general involves more than just getting the right bulb. It means that the area you want to provide the lighting for will be assessed and recommendation for the right bulb type and color of light will be made. There are plain LED bulbs and also multi-hue bulbs to make this possible. Gooee green lighting solutions make things much better.