All You Need to Know About Magnises

Magnises is a unique and experimental platform that was started in 2014. The platform helps its clients from different parts of the world to unlock their cities and later takes their lives to a higher level. It was founded by Billy McFarland, a young entrepreneur. The main aim of the businessman was to help people to build a good and reliable network.

If you choose to join the platform, you will be able to enjoy several benefits on There are some extraordinary experiences for the members and exclusive benefits for different cities. Magnises is known for offering its clients a unique set of professional and cultural experiences that are in line with the clients’ interests. The experiences from Magnises range from the private concerts for the members only, unique art previews at some of the top galleries in the world and tastings with the most notable chefs.

The members of the platform receive access to benefits and perks that are just around their cities. Some of Magnises benefits will include access passes to some of the best and hottest clubs, exclusive concerts and shows, members-only pricing on tickets to the hottest sporting events and complimentary upgrades to the travel bookings they choose in any part of the globe.

Here are some of the other benefits you will enjoy as a member of the exclusive platform

If you are a member of the Magnises, you will have access to several Hotspots that are available in each and every city. In these spots, the members and their individual guests can meet and host any type of meeting. The spots can also be used for relaxing after a long say, mingle with the other members of catch up on their work.

Members can have access to Magnises Now, a concierge app from the institution. Having this application is just like having a personal assistant at the palms of the hand. The application on helps with suggestions for different experiences around the cities, nightlife suggestions, dining, reservations and answering any type of questions concerning the membership.

In the recent past, the institution has created a diverse and unique group of tastemakers, influencers and experience seekers from different parts of the United States. All the members of the platform receive a personalized black membership card that serves as a payment tool when it is linked to a debit card or an existing credit.

It is not difficult to become a member of Magnises. If you are interested in the membership, a customer is required to click the join now button that is found on the company’s website. This button will enable them to access the application form. After filling the form, a client is then required to submit it to the managing team. The management reaches out to the customer through email just shortly to inform them whether they have been accepted as members or if they will need to review their application. The membership is also affordable to the customers. Every member is supposed to pay 257.55 dollars every year.