Tips On How To Improve Your Online Presence

Your online reputation can play a major role in your life. You may not realize it, but your online reputation can impact your career, your sales and even a first date. Many human resources departments now are required to search a candidate’s name online. Customers may look up a businessman’s name online and search for info on their business. A person whom you agree to on a first date may decide to do a little background check and Google you. As you can see, the online reputation can greatly impact you. Here are some tips to improve your online reputation.


The first step in improving your online reputation is to do an assessment. Do a Google, Yahoo and Bing Search. Search for webpages as well as images. Look up the first three to five pages. Ask yourself what to do you see? Is there mostly positive content or negative content? Does your name reflect you or other people with similar names?


Once you know what is on the web about you, you can take some action. Use a tool such as Brand Yourself. It will rate your name as having a positive, negative or neutral online reputation. This tool can alert you of any potentially damaging developments and allow you to see your progress as you work on your online reputation.


Another tool you can use is the BrandYourself Social Scanner. This tool will scan social media postings and show you which tweets or posts can be seen as damaging to your online reputation. You can then find these posts and edit or delete them to improve your reputation.


The next word of advice is to buy domains that contain your name. These include, as well as the .net, .org and .info versions. If these are not available you can make a twist on your name by adding symbols such as a hyphen between your first and last name. Create a professional looking web page or multiple pages. Populate it with positive content. You can create a bio, include an online resume and highlight your achievements. Adding a professional casual photograph is also a good idea.


There are many more tips for improving your online reputation. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Improving your online reputation will take time and commitment.