The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a businessman, a father, an author, as well as a philanthropist who has dedicated not only his career, but also his life to the creation of new innovation in order to improve the world and to inform the world about the importance of using both technology and innovation to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. As a father, Eric Pulier is not only dedicated to making a bright future for his children, but is also dedicated to making a brighter future for the rest of the world. As a businessman with over twenty years of experience within the industry, Eric Pulier often feels as though he has cheated with his career because to him, his job does not feel like a job.

Eric Pulier is a successful businessman who has created or has helped to create over 15 successful startup businesses that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars each and every year. Though Eric Pulier is seen as a successful individual with his millions of dollars, Eric Pulier believes that true success is found not by revenue made, but instead by what is done after experiencing failure. Eric Pulier believes that for one to be successful and to grow, one must have truly experienced failure. This distinguished definition of success has earned Eric Pulier the respect of thousands within the business industry who also share Mr. Pulier’s dream of innovation.

Eric Pulier is a successful individual who has had the rare knowledge of knowing exactly what he has wanted to do even from an early age in life. Eric Pulier, by the age of nine, had already built his first computer and had started his first computer business by the age of 18.  With over twenty years of experience, Eric Pulier is continuously sought after to solve some of the most relevant issues in the private and public sector.

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The Customer Is Always Right…Right?

No matter how hard you try, there will always be a certain degree of dissatisfaction among your client base.

In today’s world of social media, businesses must constantly interface with the online public in order to help maintain a healthy relationship with their customers. This may include responding to customer comments on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Some of these customer comments may be of a somewhat derogatory nature – they may even go so far as to attack you, the entrepreneur, personally. While your first inclination may be to fire back with an equally inappropriate response, there are some definite ground rules one must follow when dealing with negative customer feedback online.

Kimanzi Constable, author, consultant, and contributor to, outlines a few basic premises one should follow when responding online to a particularly nasty client. These include maintaining a focus on the quality of the brand, product, or service (as opposed to focusing on the content of the comment); affirming your commitment to quality service by addressing your online customer base as a group, rather than singling out one angry person; reach out for support from trusted professionals; most importantly, maintain a focus on your overall mission – the “big picture.”

Unfortunately, sometimes an industrious individual can turn a negative review and a 1-star rating into an absolute public relations fiasco for you and your company. This is where companies like can be of service. helps you clean up your online reputation, improving your relationships, and your life.

All in all, connecting with the online public as an entrepreneur can be a delicate thing. It’s best to keep one’s wits about them and maintain one’s professionalism – hallmarks of any successful entrepreneur.