Brian Bonar Welcomes High-Quality Chef Patrick Ponsaty

Patrick Ponsaty is one of the most respected chefs and cuisine experts in all of San Diego, and was particularly famous for his time at Lowes and El Bizcocho. Troy Johnson of “San Diego Magazine” has stated that Ponsaty is his favorite chef in the area, and this high level of praise has lead Ponsaty to branch out and open his own restaurant.

This big move came after he quit the restaurant business to work hand-in-hand with Brian Bonar, a local entrepreneur who owns a variety of businesses, including multiple restaurants. He helped fund Ponsaty’s new restaurant and looks like he will once again cash out in a big way, as Ponsaty’s restaurant looks to already be making a big deal.

Who Is Brian Bonar?

Bonar is an entrepreneur who has worked for years in San Diego and has worked with Ponsaty in a variety of ways. For example, Ponsaty was Bonar’s chef at Bandy Canyon, the historical ranch that Bonar calls home. Beyond this job, Ponsaty oversees their Escondido bistro called “Bellamy,” one of the most popular bistros in the area.

What Are They Doing?

Bonar and Ponsaty have purchased the famous “Delicias” restaurant, a Santa Fe restaurant that has a 26-year history serving delicious Rancho food. Ponsaty will add his own unique touch to the restaurant by creating new recipes that are delicious and which are offered at fair prices.

Will It Work?

With Bonar’s backing and Ponsaty’s superlative cooking skills, this is an investment that can hardly go wrong. This is particularly true when you consider the huge fan base that both Ponsaty and Bonar have built with their previous experience in the restaurant business.

For example, people who love Ponsaty’s work are bound to swing by to try out some new and delicious recipes. According to White Pages, those who have enjoyed Brian Bonar’s other area restaurants will trust that his new shop is just as good as others in the area. As a result, it’s a big win-win for the community and one of the biggest pieces of news the world of San Diego cuisine has seen in quite some time.

Stopping By The Restaurant

If you are interested in learning more about Ponsaty’s restaurant and others like it in the area, just stop on by. Bonar owns so many restaurants through the area that’s easy to find one that he has helped fund to success.

If you’re a fan of Ponsaty’s work from his other restaurant jobs, you need to stop by and check out his unique recipes. Brian Bonar rarely strays wrong when it comes to investments like this, and fine cuisine fans are going to experience some high quality stuff in the near future.