Reconnecting With The Spirit, Modern Kabbalah

The Kabbalah is a ancient wisdom tradition that has been passed down through the ages through the collection of texts known as The Zohar with the purpose of helping one understand their soul’s essence, place in the world and connection with other people. Recently there has been a huge uptick in public interest pertaining  the Kabbalah, especially in California.

One of the main reasons for this marked interest has to do with the prevalence of the Kabbalah Centre, a nonprofit educational organization which was founded in Los Angeles by a Rabbi named Philip Berg in the 1980s. The organization’s primary goal is to disseminate information pertaining to the Kabbalah to everyone which was, at the time, a unusual proposition as prior to Berg, the Zoharic texts where issued only to orthodox Jewish males of a certain age (which varied but was usually set at around 40 years of age or more).

Kabbalic practice itself is all about the myriad ways in which a individual can navigate the world in a more spiritually fulfilling way that will also aid them in connecting with other people. This makes Kabbalistic teachings very different from other religious teachings such as Christianity or Islam which tend to focus on the heavenly sphere or obtaining closeness with divinity generally by sacrificing one’s worldly attachment. In contrast, Kabbalah encourages everyone to embrace the worldly experience, even within the realms of carnal pleasure (though it does not advocate hedonism), thus where some religions would say do not eat [x] the Kabbalah would say, eat [x] especially if it aids you in connecting with other human beings (such as a dinner engagement where one would have the opportunity to talk with one’s peers or friends in a pleasing way).

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