Bob Reina’s Path To Entrepreneurial Gold.

There are very few moments in our careers that we can point at as defining ones. For Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, that moment came nearly fifteen years ago. While working as a police officer, during an off-duty traffic gig, Reina met and had a conversation with a network marketing professional. Their talk eventually wandered its way toward the value of owning your own company, minding your own hours, and cutting your own paychecks. The conversation stuck with Reina and after a decade working as an officer, Reina knew that he was ready for change. Reina was ready to become one of the bigger video marketing and direct-selling companies on the internet, he just didn’t know it yet.


The power of video marketing hadn’t manifested itself back when Reina had that conversation with the marketing professional, at least not in the way it has today. Talk Fusion wouldn’t open up its doors for at least a couple more years but that conversation would be the beginning of Reina’s long-lasting plan to create something special. Reina would eventually come together with a friend. Dr. Jonathen Chen, and the two would work together to create the first product in the long list of Talk Fusion marketing goldmines: Video Email. Video Email became the flagship program for the Talk Fusion brand and it would be what helped to launch Reina’s career as an entrepreneur and a tech innovator. Video Email put control into the hands of individuals looking to send videos directly through their email clients, rather than skirting around different third party programs. Learn more:


When Reina first opened up shop with Talk Fusion, the early returns were more than just admirable. Reina had found that opening up a company or working in network marketing could be a hit or miss prospect, especially with early failures in a different field. Reina admits that, at times, he would actually LOSE money on his phone bill versus how much he managed to earn by way of commission. With Talk Fusion, however, things were very different. Due to Reina’s clear enthusiasm for the product, Talk Fusion hit the ground earning money and the rest is history.