Keith Mann Leads NYC in Developing Search Jobs for Hedge Fund Firms While Supporting Uncommon Schools

Entrepreneur Keith Mann founded Dynamic Search Partners or DSP over a decade ago in NYC, and today the alternative investment search firm handles over 200 client mandates a year with offices in Australia and Europe.

In 2000, Keith Mann founded Dynamic Executive Search as an executive search agency serving NYC. Mann has a talent for connecting stellar employees to successful employment, but as his business thrives, he is also aware of his responsibility to the community and is dedicated to supporting the next generation.

Keith and his wife Keely have lived in NYC for almost 20 years. Mr. Mann is originally from Manchester, England where he grew up on his parent’s farm. It was here where he developed a tender heart for animals, and in his late teens, he joined the Animal Liberation.

During the 1970s and 80s, he was focused on trying to save animals that were being used to test pharmaceutical products. Keith was committed to helping these animals who could not help themselves.

Philanthropist Keith Mann

As DSP continued to become more successful, the Mann’s began to support education. They believe that education is the next step for high school students. They also believe that a college education is extremely significant for the upcoming future, so they partnered with Uncommon Charter Schools in Brooklyn who share the same vision and values. Uncommon Schools were created to help students from low-income families, so this was a perfect match.

By 2013, Uncommon Schools had spread to Massachusetts and New Jersey, and a second school was being built in Brooklyn. Mr. Mann made a donation of $10,000 to the Brooklyn school, and the next year, he collected $20,000 from other businessmen, and DSP paid for the testing that the new students were required to take. With Mr. Mann’s help, all the students were tested and started classes.

In 2015, the Mann’s established a college scholarship fund for the Brooklyn school. One student would be selected every year and have their college expenses covered up to $5,000. Keith Mann is a compassionate and successful businessman who gives back to the community while also assisting executives in the hedge fund and private equity agencies.


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