Kerv Wearables has create a great new ring for PSI Pay

Kerv Wearables has create a great new ring for PSI Pay. The two companies have joined forces to bring the world a new option for contactless payments. Their solution is fast and easy, it is a small ring that wearers can use to make payments. In the previous 20 years of PSI Pay’s business history, they have not had anything this great. Their contactless payment solutions were convenient and revolutionary, and they offered customers an easy way to make payments, but this has changed the entire financial world. No other company has created a ring that customers can wear and use to make payments. The ring is comfortable and stylish.


PSI Pay invented the ring with the goal of offering their customers something new and different. The ring is made of a material that can outlast steel, and the inside is made of a material that is comfortable and will not irritate skin. The ring is sturdy enough to stand up to extreme weather, and it will not break if a customer wears it on a daily basis. The ring was released for consumers in the summer of 2017. It retails in two colors. With the PSI Pay ring, there is no need to connect to your debit or credit card or your smart phone. The ring acts as its own entity.


PSI Pay has been certified by the safety board at MasterCard. They made sure the rings were dependable and secure. The rings are encrypted, so no one can steal the streams of electronic data as you are making a purchase. The power comes from the electromagnetic streams being emitted from the merchant’s POS station. Therefor, there is never a need to charge the ring or replace a battery. The tough and practical rings are quickly becoming a favorite with customers who enjoy traveling.


The wallet system used by the PSI Pay ring is the European system. It is the opposite of the American wallet. The European wallet lets the customer purchase funds for the ring in the form of E cash. When the customer wants to make a purchase, the funds come from the wallet. The customer can also send funds from the wallet to their other financial institutions in an instant. The American wallet contains a single method of payment that communicates with a single merchant. The European wallet that PSI Pay uses have proven to be very useful.

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