No To A Multi-Sports Complex

The legacy of the DeVos family was probably something that we were all going to hear about before the year 1991 happened anyway. However, the events of that year helped to bolster Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy into the limelight once and for all.


At stake in that year was a proposal by the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan where the couple lives to build a multi-sports complex using city funds. It sounds like a good idea on the surface, but the DeVos family was opposed to it. They knew that similar proposals had been floated in Detroit and other cities and had come as a massive failure to those cities. The promised increase in tourism was a bust for those cities, and they ended up taking a loss on the multi-sports complex projects that they had started as well.


Given all of that history, Dick and Betsy DeVos went to work campaigning against the sports complex. When it came up to a vote, they were thrilled to learn that their side had taken the day. They defeated the proposed multi-sports complex and decided that they would use this as an opportunity to spread some of their own good fortune and help to fund a number of projects in the city.


New buildings started to spring up all throughout Grand Rapids as a testament to the DeVos family and their charitable spirit. They helped to create museums and even a medical research facility that still exists in the city to this day. It went to show you that the couple was not out to just defeat things, they wanted to build things up as well.


All of this work helped to raise the profiles of the DeVos family even higher, and they were thus able to go on to do even more political work in the future. Most notably at the moment is the fact that Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration. Things like this do not happen overnight, but they can happen over a condensed period of time when people are dedicated to the kind of work that they do.


Dick DeVos has never taken his eye off the ball as it were. He has always been sure to help work to get passed through the things that he cares the most about. Thus, it shouldn’t be that surprising that his success has only continued to multiple.


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