PSI-Pay’s revolution on payments

The PSI-Pay is a leading FinTech British company as well as a smart banking alternative that allows everyday people to manage their finances. The firm provides those looking to use a streamlined more relaxed form managing and using their money. This revolutionary business has been in progress and operation in as early as 2007 and continues to extend and spread worldwide. The firm also provides sponsorship payment that allows for businesses an FCA regulated institution (a program that allows financial advisors to provide confidence to consumers). PSI-Pay has also allowed for other extended means of pay for consumers, namely MasterCard since 2009 through the EU (European Union).

With more than half of purchases made in the United Kingdom, most are made using credit cards. This bodes well for PSI as this allows for cashless payments to be a possible option in the near future. PSI-Pay will allow for citizens to use a cellphone and PSI-Pay rather than anyone using a PIN or their physical cash. It is believed (and rightfully so) that with the use of a device, it is the fastest way to make payments, and now such a thing called “Contactless Payments” has been on the rise and dominating as a payment option.

This method of “contactless payment” is said to use credit or debit, and PSI-Pay uses this exact method of payment. With the future coming upon us, PSI-Pay’s affiliate and partner, Kerv has created a groundbreaking and inventive design that maximizes the payment method. They’ve designed a sleek and cutting edge ring that is said to be quite comfortable, come in twelve different sizes and is unisex. With the combined forces of both companies, citizens will be able to pay with the use of the ring, making payments automatic and instant. This innovative high-tech method works with a consumer tapping their ring to a terminal, and the money is transferred. It’s as simple as that. PSI-Pay constantly genuinely strives to aid and empower its partners to ensure that a project as grand as this succeeds.

What makes this concept even better is that it protects consumers from money theft as the “contactless payment” does not require a signature or pin. PSI-Pay has achieved great success with the designs and ideas paying off. In 2015, PSI-Pay made an announcement describing its best financial year. That year, the company’s income increased by 45%. Humbled like any company or entrepreneur would, the managing director Phil Davies announced his gratitude for the many that purchased the company’s products.

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