Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Makes Some Strong Commentaries On Modern Society:

Sean Penn’s new novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was the topic of a recent Vogue article. The novel has gained plenty of praise as well as comparisons to the writings of such literary giants as Mark Twain, Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Bukowski. Sean has been on a major tour promoting the novel, but when Vogue caught up with him, he was relaxing at home while on the Los Angeles leg of his tour. Sean immediately explains that this book represents a different kind of satisfaction for him versus the feeling of releasing a film. Though that experience is also rewarding, it is rewarding in a team type of manner. Releasing a novel, like Bob Honey who just do stuff, is something Sean views as an individual accomplishment.

When he is asked why not just write a screenplay, Sean states that he really wanted to tell this story and he feels that he needed to do something on his own. He wants to emphasize that he is not done and has another book well in the works. He won’t completely divorce himself from the idea of returning in some form to the world of film, but right now has no plans to act. He does give up a small bit of information in terms of there being a film possibility that he would like to direct. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has both an eccentric title and plot for readers to delve into.

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Bob Honey was written by dictation because it is a style Sean is used to from his screenplay career. In the end, he likes dictation because his brain often moves faster than his fingers. He hopes that people catch on to the undercurrents present in the novel. He believes that the book does have a suggestion of working towards a world with social equality. There is also a purposeful satirization of modern consumer culture and branding that is present in the book. This is one way in which Sean draws on the currents of the modern world and channels them into this novel.

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