During his career in both investment and finance, Peter Briger has an amplified reputation as a dedicated and competent leader. He serves as a Co-Chairman and President at Fortress Investment Group. Briger was appointed the head of real estate and credit, Principal and President and in November 2006 he became the Director. He was then named Co-Chairman in August 2009 later he became a Co-CEO in December 2017 and had served in both positions ever since. He has a bachelor’s degree in Arts from The University of Princeton and a Masters from Pennsylvania University in Business Administration. Since Peter joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002, he has outgrown the business, and he oversees the company’s credit business. He has a team of over three hundred employees and majors in distressed and underestimated assets and credit investments that are illiquid.

Peter Briger is ranked #307 in the Forbes with a net worth of over $1.5 Billion. Peter Briger serves as a Spearhead’s Advisory Board member and a director at The University of Princeton Investment Company. Briger became a partner at Goldman Sach in 1996 after working for the company for fifteen years. During his career in this company, he had served as trading and loan sales Co-Head, Principal of a fixed debt company Co-Head and a Co-Head at an Asian company that majored in Real estate. He also handled issues pertaining debt distress at an international financial company. Linketone limited company had also appointed him as an Advisory Board Member.In 2013, a number of Executives from Wells Frago, One of the largest banks in the Nation, traveled to New York to Fortress Investment Group to discuss venturing into the Bitcoin Exchange Market.

Peter Briger was given the privilege to explain the reason why the fortress company was fascinated by Bitcoin Technology. A cording to him, the Bitcoin Business was a gold mine, and it would provide a secure and cheap money transfer platform to people all over the world. He also talked about the lack of a regulated American-based Bitcoin exchange which was something that Wells Fargo and Fortress Investment Group could together provide. The meeting inconclusively ended but though conversations went on, the two giants never ventured into the Bitcoin due to some crisis that arose in the Bitcoin business. This yielded an opportunity for Wall Street to get comfortable with this renegaded technology though it took a long and sluggish process. Learn More.