Mike Bagguley’s Success

Mike Bagguley attended the University of Warwick; where he graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics. He is currently operating out of London, England. This location is where he worked for a company called, Barclays PLC (Mike, 2018). This company functions worldwide and provides a variety of financial services and products to its users. Bagguley was appointed the Chief Operating Officer for Barclays International in June of 2016 (Mike, 2018).

Before Mike Bagguley became the Chief Operating Officer for Barclays, there was a sudden disruption with the company when their head of the bank, Tom King, decided to leave. This new action left Jes Staley in charge of the bank. Barclays decided against bringing in an outside individual to replace Tom King, and decided to hire the position from within their current employees (Slater, Davies and Chambers, 2016). Staley was more than qualified for the position as he previously operated JP Morgan’s investment bank. In addition, this power move, of hiring from within, saves the bank money. Staley made many changes when he became the CEO for the company. He slashed thousands of jobs, eliminated Russia, Brazil and seven (7) countries in Asia, and eliminated trading precious metals (Slater, Davies and Chambers, 2016).

Mike Bagguley was designated as the investment banks Chief Operating Officer in November of 2015. He had extensive experience for this position as he was previously the leader of the investment banks macro markets business. During the role, he was assigned the task of reducing costs and bettering their profits. He also needed to bring together their infrastructure functions and systemize and produce projects. He also helped decrease and mold the macro business by impacting how they exchange products on a foreign level and impacting interest rates (Slater, Davies and Chambers, 2016).

Mike Bagguley earned the title of Chief Operating Officer for Barclays, PLC. He brought experience and knowledge to the company and showed them what he was capable of accomplishing. Crunchbase was used to learn about Mike Bagguley, and it provided very useful information that was used in this article.


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