What Type of Shampoo is Right for Your Hair?

As we all know, not every shampoo is right for every hair type. We are here to help those that may need help with some sort of direction. It is important to find the perfect shampoo for your particular hair type. This is so that you can keep it at its healthiest. Because we are all different, there are tons of options out there.

Wen hair by Chaz is the best product line for any hair type. It is especially fantastic for those that have blonde hair. In fact according to creator Chaz Dean, even dyed hair can benefit a great deal. We will get to that later. For those with blonde hair, it is a relief to find out that their shampoos provide astringent and antibacterial benefits. It does not involve lathering. Wen’s most popular line of products on QVC is called Sweet Almond and all of the products ranging from shampoo to special hair treatments that will make any type of hair more vibrant and healthy. Pomegranate is also fantastic for all hair types.

For those that have oily and/or thin hair, Cucumber Aloe is beneficial. It is a formulate that is lightweight and will clean without making the hair weigh down. This also leads to hair looking thicker, should it be thin. For those with hair that is dry or dyed too often/over-processed, use the Fig line. This will make a huge difference by providing moisture and it is perfect for any hair type from curly to straight. It will help revive hair that has been roughed up by hair-dye, heat treatments, and sun scorch.

The Tea Tree line is fantastic for those that suffer from dandruff and other scalp issues. It also helps with thinning of the hair, as it offers thickening benefits. It is perfect for naturally thick hair, as it maintains it.

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