Securuc Technologies Secures Your Future Investments Through Technology

Securus Technologies provides pivotal and necessary integrated software solutions for the Criminal and Civil Justice industry. The modernization of the incarceration process Securus America Technologies is able to report Monitor and maintain consistent and stable analytic results. Having a Better Business Bureau accreditation with an A+ rating is what you should expect from a company that oversees multi million-dollar businesses on a daily basis.
The implementation of technology into our integrated resources allows us the ability to make sure that all parties are operating in a just manner and staying compliant with regulations and rules. Through careful monitoring using unique software that is patented especially by Securus Technologies, Securus Technologies was able to uncover a scam by a major telecommunications provider for correctional facilities in the great state of Louisiana. The state commissioned an investigation. The results were published on PR Newswire.


This Correctional provider according to Securus was double charging, adding extra time to the beginning and end of calls, and other unjust and poor businesslike practices. llars. In a state where limited resources are being allocated having a Communications company Rob not only the state but the citizens of Louisiana is completely unacceptable. These are the type wrongdoings and integrity breaches that can be prevented when you utilize one of the many monitoring services offered by Securus Technologies.

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Igor Cornelsen Looks at Brazil

There have been a lot of economic issues where a lot of banks have failed. Many countries have hit rock bottom with the changes in economic conditions. However, there are some countries that have managed the economic storm quite well. One region is Brazil. Brazilian banks have shown a lot of resilience amidst the downturn of the economy. This may cause one to ask how Brazilian banks manage to stay on top while other banks fail. Igor Cornelsen has his own theories on how the banks of Brazil hold up well compared to the other banks. Igor believes that the key to surviving different economic conditions is in money management.

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Whether you’re investing in commodities or foreign exchange…

A large part of money management is knowing who to lend to. Brazil is very selective about who it will lend to. As a results, the costs are managed and the banks have a little more hope and security when it comes to moving forward. As a result, people that have not so good credit scores are going to have to look for other means of financing like banks in the public sector. Igor Cornelsen also believes that solutions that are more oriented towards the market are going to be a good choice for the Brazilian economy.

There is another factor at play with Brazil. There are a ton of natural resources in Brazil as well as a growing population that will require some new developments of infrastructure. Many of the food that is sold in developed countries have been produced in Brazil. Brazil has a lot of factors going in its favor which attracts many investors like Igor Cornelsen. Brazil will continue to grow amidst all of the storms.

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US Congress Honors Venezuelan Entrepreneur

In recognition of 202 years of Venezuelan independence, Congress recently honored the contributions of present-day Venezuelan-Americans. These included the innovations of DAVOS Financial Group CEO David Osío, a pioneer in financial management.

Osío was among those granted both a Medal of Merit and the Congressional Certificate of Recognition by Congressman David Rivera (R-Florida). Mr. Osío’s company DAVOS Financial Group was the first comprehensive financial consultancy to unite Venezuelan interests with internationally-known financial institutions. He’s met the challenges of managing through the often tumultuous fiscal realities that face countries like Venezuela on the international stage.

The honor comes as the latest in several awarded David Osío. He was recognized as a “Mover and Shaker” in 2009, and as one of the top international leaders by business organizations in Florida. He’s been celebrated in helping the development of US-Venezuelan partnership, and has been seen as instrumental in raising the stature of Hispanic leaders in the US and world-wide.

The DAVOS Financial Group originated in 1993 in Brickell, Florida. It first functioned as an “intermediary agent,” helping to broker and manage investment portfolios at the international level. DAVOS has since diversified into private banking, financial accounting, real estate consultation, and wealth planning for high-net-worth individuals. DAVOS casts itself as a “financial boutique,” able to provide individualized services to all clients.

DAVOS joined with Swiss concern D Société Financière Suisse SA in 2006 to offer services and manage assets in such countries as Portugal and Brazil.

Before starting DAVOS, Mr. Osío served as Director for Escritorio Jurídico MGO in Caracas, Venezuela. He then successfully grew international portfolios at Banco Latino International in Miami, Florida while serving as Vice-President between 1989 and 1993.

Osío is a graduate of Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela. He completed his education at Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos (also in Venezuela) and at the New York Financial Institute.

Mr. Osío has a long history of charitable works. He’s supported both the Wayuu Taya Foundation and Children’s Orthopedic Hospital in Venezuela.

It’s thanks to the ongoing, brave efforts of international businessmen like David Osío that Venezuela and other Central- and South-American countries can look forward to a brighter and more prosperous future.

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Venezuela is going back to work

Yes, there is good news in South America as Venezuela is going back to work. After a period of two-day work weeks, the working populace of the South American country are no doubt happy to get back to the grind. After all, as Norka Luque once said: “The only thing worse than having a job, is not having one.”
Due to a recent severe energy crisis, public workers in Venezuela had seen a recent cut in hours. It was two months ago that Venezuela’s government had cut employees to a two-day work week–Mondays and Tuesdays–hoping to conserve energy.
They will be returning to an almost normal work week again because experts in Venezuela like Norka have determined that the previously mentioned energy crisis has for now been averted. Earlier this week it was announced that the water levels at the dam that provides most of the South American nation’s electric power has been to some degree restored.