Markus Rothkranz Gives Stunning and Compelling Speech Performance

Markus Rothkranz’s speech of a lifetime is inspiring, uplifting and gives an awakening of the soul. In his speech, Markus takes his audience on a journey which can only be meant to enrich the souls of many. Within the first few minutes, his speech pulls in the captive mind to want to live a better life.

This speech encourages us to believe in the higher power of the universe, and to yield to its purpose of bringing us within true alignment of God’s purpose for our lives. Markus takes the simple question of “Is this all that matters?”, and empowers us to engage or re-engage in life to reach our full potential. The speech gives us hope for our desires, and to remain true to our passions and our dreams. Markus touches the inner core of what life is all about and reminds us that it all starts with gratitude.

Markus tells us that being tested is all a part of the universe setting the stage for us accomplishing our best and to remain committed to our greatness. The speech of a lifetime lifts us to an inspiring mindset to release our fears, take more risks and live more in the moment. It humbles us to identify what true power really means and to not simply take the little things for granted.

We can make a difference in our lives by stepping up to what is possible, and getting more out of life, but more importantly by helping someone else. Markus provides a message of hope, endurance and awakening people to not only live with rigor and passion, but with compassion for each other. Markus believes that giving to others is what will take us to another level and give us more passion for really living. The speech of a lifetime helps us to rise up and meet the universe exactly where it is, and to live a life greater than we could ever imagine.

The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a businessman, a father, an author, as well as a philanthropist who has dedicated not only his career, but also his life to the creation of new innovation in order to improve the world and to inform the world about the importance of using both technology and innovation to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. As a father, Eric Pulier is not only dedicated to making a bright future for his children, but is also dedicated to making a brighter future for the rest of the world. As a businessman with over twenty years of experience within the industry, Eric Pulier often feels as though he has cheated with his career because to him, his job does not feel like a job.

Eric Pulier is a successful businessman who has created or has helped to create over 15 successful startup businesses that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars each and every year. Though Eric Pulier is seen as a successful individual with his millions of dollars, Eric Pulier believes that true success is found not by revenue made, but instead by what is done after experiencing failure. Eric Pulier believes that for one to be successful and to grow, one must have truly experienced failure. This distinguished definition of success has earned Eric Pulier the respect of thousands within the business industry who also share Mr. Pulier’s dream of innovation.

Eric Pulier is a successful individual who has had the rare knowledge of knowing exactly what he has wanted to do even from an early age in life. Eric Pulier, by the age of nine, had already built his first computer and had started his first computer business by the age of 18.  With over twenty years of experience, Eric Pulier is continuously sought after to solve some of the most relevant issues in the private and public sector.

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All You Need to Know About Magnises

Magnises is a unique and experimental platform that was started in 2014. The platform helps its clients from different parts of the world to unlock their cities and later takes their lives to a higher level. It was founded by Billy McFarland, a young entrepreneur. The main aim of the businessman was to help people to build a good and reliable network.

If you choose to join the platform, you will be able to enjoy several benefits on There are some extraordinary experiences for the members and exclusive benefits for different cities. Magnises is known for offering its clients a unique set of professional and cultural experiences that are in line with the clients’ interests. The experiences from Magnises range from the private concerts for the members only, unique art previews at some of the top galleries in the world and tastings with the most notable chefs.

The members of the platform receive access to benefits and perks that are just around their cities. Some of Magnises benefits will include access passes to some of the best and hottest clubs, exclusive concerts and shows, members-only pricing on tickets to the hottest sporting events and complimentary upgrades to the travel bookings they choose in any part of the globe.

Here are some of the other benefits you will enjoy as a member of the exclusive platform

If you are a member of the Magnises, you will have access to several Hotspots that are available in each and every city. In these spots, the members and their individual guests can meet and host any type of meeting. The spots can also be used for relaxing after a long say, mingle with the other members of catch up on their work.

Members can have access to Magnises Now, a concierge app from the institution. Having this application is just like having a personal assistant at the palms of the hand. The application on helps with suggestions for different experiences around the cities, nightlife suggestions, dining, reservations and answering any type of questions concerning the membership.

In the recent past, the institution has created a diverse and unique group of tastemakers, influencers and experience seekers from different parts of the United States. All the members of the platform receive a personalized black membership card that serves as a payment tool when it is linked to a debit card or an existing credit.

It is not difficult to become a member of Magnises. If you are interested in the membership, a customer is required to click the join now button that is found on the company’s website. This button will enable them to access the application form. After filling the form, a client is then required to submit it to the managing team. The management reaches out to the customer through email just shortly to inform them whether they have been accepted as members or if they will need to review their application. The membership is also affordable to the customers. Every member is supposed to pay 257.55 dollars every year.

Tips On How To Improve Your Online Presence

Your online reputation can play a major role in your life. You may not realize it, but your online reputation can impact your career, your sales and even a first date. Many human resources departments now are required to search a candidate’s name online. Customers may look up a businessman’s name online and search for info on their business. A person whom you agree to on a first date may decide to do a little background check and Google you. As you can see, the online reputation can greatly impact you. Here are some tips to improve your online reputation.


The first step in improving your online reputation is to do an assessment. Do a Google, Yahoo and Bing Search. Search for webpages as well as images. Look up the first three to five pages. Ask yourself what to do you see? Is there mostly positive content or negative content? Does your name reflect you or other people with similar names?


Once you know what is on the web about you, you can take some action. Use a tool such as Brand Yourself. It will rate your name as having a positive, negative or neutral online reputation. This tool can alert you of any potentially damaging developments and allow you to see your progress as you work on your online reputation.


Another tool you can use is the BrandYourself Social Scanner. This tool will scan social media postings and show you which tweets or posts can be seen as damaging to your online reputation. You can then find these posts and edit or delete them to improve your reputation.


The next word of advice is to buy domains that contain your name. These include, as well as the .net, .org and .info versions. If these are not available you can make a twist on your name by adding symbols such as a hyphen between your first and last name. Create a professional looking web page or multiple pages. Populate it with positive content. You can create a bio, include an online resume and highlight your achievements. Adding a professional casual photograph is also a good idea.


There are many more tips for improving your online reputation. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Improving your online reputation will take time and commitment.