Clinical Pathways Program at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

To make cancer treatment options more available for patient care, Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) created the Clinical Pathways program. CTCA established this program through a partnership with NantHealth and Allscripts. NantHealth is a healthcare company, which uses evidence-based data for custom patient care. Allscripts is an information technology (IT) company. It manages electronic health records for hospitals.

Clinical Pathways Program

The partnership for the Clinical Pathways program started in 2016. Oncologists can now access a medical library, which lists over 2,700 types of cancer. There is a wealth of reliable information on each kind of cancer. The sources are from government literature, peer-reviewed articles, and cancer organizations. Research and other information are transferred to the electronic health record of the patient.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The establishment of Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) was in 1988. Its headquarters is in Boca Raton, Florida. There are 5 CTCA hospitals that treat patients from the US and abroad. These hospitals are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa. The doctors and nurses have advanced training in cancer treatment. They provide individualized diagnosis and treatment for patients.

The oncologists and nurses at CTCA have specialty training for each type of cancer. There are different diagnoses and treatments for each type of cancer. A patient will receive a team of experts for their specific type of cancer. The team of experts will discuss treatment options with the patient. They will also support the patient by suggesting ways to reduce side effects during treatment.

In conclusion, CTCA has oncology teams who help patients with individualized treatment. These treatments will help patients fight cancer. The team of experts will advise the patient on managing side effects. The ultimate goal of CTCA is to help patients carry on with their normal lives.

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Delicious, Nutritious Beneful Dog Treats

Beneful dog treats are delicious and healthy for your dog and beneficial to your wallet. There is no one best flavor of beneful dog treats. That is for your dog to determine depending on his or her own taste preferences. Typically certain breeds of dogs like certain types of flavors. This research can easily be done via a quick Google search. Fortunately for Beneful consumers, there is a vast array of choices to pick from. These include crunchy chicken, tender beef, and tender chicken as the main ingredients. These are also available in a smaller “Minis” version so your dog has a lot to test out. What sets Beneful’s treats and really all their dog food products apart from the competition is that they use real beef and chicken as their number one ingredient in most of their products. Dogs are naturally drawn to these flavors and absolutely love them.

Beneful dog treats are already pretty affordable, but you can buy their products at an even lower price via coupons. Coupons for Beneful treats can be found in a variety of places. They are available online via a quick google search and can be found scattered among your local newspaper ads.

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Kate Hudson Has Successfully Led Fabletics in Executing a Unique Approach That Has Paid Off in a Big Way

In the fashion e-commerce field that is characterized by industry’s bigwigs like Amazon, winning for a brand like Fabletics requires a change of approach. This is why Kate Hudson started a member’s subscription plan that allows customers to buy what they like in the conveniently and at a half market price. This method has seen her grow her business to a value of 250 million dollars in just three years. In addition to price and quality, excellent customer service, after-sale service, brand recognition, innovative designs, and extra online marketing are paramount in appealing to the consumers of today and stay competitive.


Unique Approach


Monthly subscriptions allow a more personalized way, which creates a relationship with their clients. The firm gets to understand the local market better, which makes it more reliable in providing items that match the customers’ preferences even in the physical stores. This means that a bigger percentage of the clients who visit the physical stores are already members and another portion join the membership while in the stores. This strategy has eliminated the group that visits the shop but purchases somewhere else. After adopting the approach, Fabletics has started seeing the fruits of their creative strategy as they are set to add other retail stores to their 16 already existing ones.


Fabletics has gained online popularity with over 21 million people following them on Twitter and over 1.2 million subscribed members in their VIP model spread across eight countries. Statistics show that the trend in casual clothing for the gym and office is on the rise and is expected to continue growing. With many brands coming up, prices are bound to be brought down in place of high quality. Due to this reason, Fabletics rides on the technology of its parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, to gather data on customers’ preferences and capitalize on that.


How Hudson Did It


Fabletics’ success story has not come easy. It is a journey that started following Hudson desire to provide quality affordable active-wear-line. The VIP membership prices start at $49 monthly. Therefore, it is recommendable for one to take the lifestyle quiz to enjoy the benefits. Kate Hudson was able to analyze the market and found the missing gaps. She led her team to create activewear for all shapes and sizes that are fashionable and fun to wear. Hudson has also learned to keep abreast with the market needs and make decisions according to data collected. She believes in herself and looks up to her mother for inspiration, which is why she hopes to become a great philanthropist in the future.

Alexandre Gama: How An Advertising Agency Can Help Your Business

Alexandre Gama is well recognized in the advertising industry. As a knowledgeable and experienced advertising professional, Alexandre Gama takes appropriate steps to create effective ad campaigns for his clients. Once he discusses with his client and clarifies their needs, he comes up a great strategy to convey their message to the right audience. Alexandre Gama determines how his client’s business, product or service can best be presented to the target audience, and his creative department produces and implements appropriate advertising campaign. Alexandre Gama has a creative department that is comprised of designers, artists and supporting staff with great talent.

View Alexandre Gama’s Bloomberg profile for more information.

The Cutting Edge Technology of E-Governe

E-Governe Health is the new cutting edge technology to assist the medical field with storage and implementation of vital data. Divided into two distinct modules on, E-Governe provides solutions for general medical facilities as well as specialized medicine. In the basic care format, this highly effective system organizes all phases of medical records, such as patient information as well as medical and dental history. E-Governe also tracks changes in daily data such as pharmacies, children’s vaccines and test results.

In the world of specialized medicine, E-Governe provides up to the minute results for laboratory tests and assisting physician notes. This sophisticated grouping of information is in compliance with Health Department and Ministry of Health mandates. The personalized technology assists in the scheduling of health officials while allowing patient registration.

Safety and accountability are the cornerstones of E-Governe. Trained and highly-skilled technicians provide around the clock accessibility and assurance of the highest security measures available. Beyond the area of public health, E-Governe is the way to assist your municipality in the collection of taxes and land agreements. You can easily track time sensitive reports and data.

If your government needs assistance in procurement or sales projections, E-Governe has the technology for you. Up to date lists of materials and timely reporting assist your officers to meet all requirements of laws such as 8666/93 with clarity and efficiency at You will have a comprehensive list of suppliers with notable deadlines and certifications as they become relevant.

Public contracts can be tracked and recorded by E-Governe. Organize business agreements from opening bids to closing dates with the E-Governe system. Designed to streamline and improve the business systems in your government- the E-Governe system is easy to navigate and individualize to meet your needs. The budget programming allows management to monitor the progress of payments and receivables.

The E-Governe system allows governments to centralize their goals and objectives into one easy system. The program’s dashboard, outlining all vital information can be accessed from computers, phones or even televisions for effective monitoring. Even hard to trace details such as vehicle registration, infractions and payments can be quickly accessed using this technology on on

One of the main objectives of the ISS module in the E-Governe system is the general accounts related to fiscal policies for your town or government. One can track and issue reports that will increase revenue with the program’s efficiency and organization. Penalties and fees will be easily collected.

Southern California George Street Wedding Photography and Videos

Little Italy

San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 831-4103

The George Street Photo and Video location in Little Italy, San Diego, California is absolutely perfect for wedding photos and videos. Little Italy is filled with cafe’s, beer brew shops, fresh seafood, art galleries and boutique shops. There is a fantastic Italian Market where some beautiful videos and photographs can take place. Little Italy is also just a few steps away from the waterfront where you can take photographs and video’s near the fishing harbors and the Embarcadero. While in Little Italy visit the Fir Street Shops. It’s an entire block of colorful and bright cottages filled with art galleries and boutiques. It makes a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

China Town

Los Angeles, CA 90012

(866) 831-4103

China Town is a magnificent place to visit as well as host your wedding. It makes for a beautiful backdrop with loads of color. It’s decorated with beautiful Chinese lanterns, dim sum shops, and art galleries. There are also some very interesting herbal shops you must peruse through while you visit. One of the most fantastic places to take photos and videos is the Thien Hau Temple. Around the Chinese New Year, you will see dances performed and firecrackers being set off. It makes for extremely interesting photographs with tons of content to observe.

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