Partnerships Being Built: Equities First Holdings News

As a news article, this article will be giving you the need-to-know on that very famous Equities First Holdings company that you have probably been searching for info on. The ETC company has personally come to the decision that they are in need of financial assistance with their big projects in India. So, they have agreed to be in a partnership with the EFH company, so as to gain the type of funding that they are desperately in need of for these projects

The More You Know EFH

The more you know about the Equities First Holdings company, the more that you will be able to keep up with. However, the only things that you do need to know about this company is that is was started in 2002, it provides alternative shareholder financing services, and it has been highly recommended.

Go Buyside: The Tool For Companies To Find Candidates That Are Perfect For Their Positions

Recruiters are constantly looking at online tools to be able to improve the kind of talent acquisition endeavors that they take on. Finding recruits online before calling them in for interviews has become one of the more preferred ways for them to find employees to fill up their ranks. However, there are times in which these sites can work against the recruiters. Since there is a large number of people applying for different positions, it isn’t uncommon for recruiters to get spammed by hundreds of applicants, even if they are not eligible for the positions that are applying for. It can be a hassle for recruiters to have to search among the numerous applicants that they receive for that one candidate that will work best for them.

GoBuyside is one company that has paved the path for recruiters, helping them use online tools to find candidates, but in a much more efficient way. The site works for both recruiters as well as recruits who are looking for top-tier positions. The company has a wide range of clients who they offer their services to, and have helped them fill out various positions at the companies that they are running.

Being eligible for the jobs that the site has to offer is a simple process. The site has an internal system and group of experts that analyze every single applicant that they receive, to see where they would fit in, and which company would benefit from them being their employee. The companies that are coming to them too have certain criteria that they require their employees to fill and Go Buyside tries its best to ensure that those who they are suggesting fulfill those criteria. Candidates who are looking to make use of these services can do so from the main website of Go Buyside. Thereon, they have to give Go Buyside a couple of days to analyze the CV that they have given. Go Buyside will then get back to the candidates if they have found a good job for them, and if they see them fit for a position at any one of the companies that they work with.

Go Buyside has become an incredibly efficient and important tool that corporates are implementing to improve their businesses. Having one good employee is better than having five mediocre employees, which is why it is important always to find a candidate who is perfect for the job, which is what Go Buyside aims to do.

Along with the talent acquisition and recruitment services that Go Buyside offers, the company also provides a number of other services that corporates can implement to better the operations that they carry out. These constitute services like financial analyses, growth analysis and many more.


Lori Senecal Paints a Picture of the Future of Advertising

Lori Senecal, the Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter and Bogusky, LLC, has blazed quite the trail in the world of marketing and advertising, creating innovative approaches to the craft that have changed the trajectory of her company, as well as many others. Lori insists that, as the world changes in regards to the dominant forms of technology that we use, so does the marketing approaches for companies looking to garner greater connections with their target audiences. Lori Senecal recently broke down a number of trends in the world of advertising and listed approaches that can help you take your company to the next level.


Mobile advertising is now the dominant form of online advertising, replacing the more traditional, desktop advertising. In 2015, the revenue from internet advertising reached an all-time high, topping out a $60 billion – much of that was directly attributed to mobile advertising. Reports have concluded that most people now spend as much as a quarter of their day online, shopping and making other daily transactions. This has greatly affected the potential revenue of major corporations around the world.


According to Fast Company, at the top of the internet marketing arena is social media. Facebook, which saw nearly a 60 percent jump in increased advertising revenue from 2014 to 2015, has consistently dominated the social media platform, changing the course of online marketing forever. Google was not far behind Facebook in terms of the revenue increases the company saw because of online advertising, as it jumped nearly twenty percent. When factored in together, Google and Facebook were clearly the champions of the online advertising boom, as they controlled 76 percent of the growth from 2014 to 2015.


In response to ad blocking software, which has an estimated 92 percent usage rate amongst internet users, many companies have begun shortening their ads, helping to keep the attention of their audiences, while still getting their message across. Companies such as Universal Picture, Spotify, and Snapchat, were among those that were able to utilize this new method to its fullest potential, with many of their advertisements reaching well above 14 million views. Lori Senecal recently spoke at 3% conference.

Desiree Perez and the Recording Academy

Earlier this month the Grammy Awards were held in Los Angeles and in keeping with previous years, there was controversy. Following the awards there was a great deal of talk concerning the lack of female recipients this year. In response to this observation the president of the recording academy, Neil Portnow, asserted that women needed to step-up if they wanted to receive Grammies in the future.Some industry insiders criticized Portnow and even called for his resignation. Amongst these critics was Desiree Perez, the Chief Operating Officer of RocNation. Perez is one of only a few female executives in the industry and is one of the most powerful voices.

Upon learning of Neil Portnow’s stance on the absence of female representation among this year’s Grammy winners, Perez along with other executives wrote a letter to the Board of Trustees of the Recording Academy. In this letter, Perez accuses the Academy of being misinformed and out-of-touch with recording artists and the trajectory of today’s music. These declarations made by Perez are powerful because of the amount of respect that she has garnered in an industry dominated by men.

Desiree Perez has developed a strong reputation as a master negotiator who was largely responsible for the $200 million investment made by Sprint into the online streaming company TIDAL which is affiliated with RocNation.Although Perez and the other executives did not ask Portnow to step down, the letter did get the attention of the recording academy and it has vowed to create a taskforce to evaluate how winners are chosen in the future. People like Desiree Perez are an asset a music industry that often perpetuates misogyny. Hopefully Perez will continue to change the way that people think about the capabilities and importance of women in the music industry.

Famous Urologist Dr. David Samadi Generally Advises Surgery First for Prostate Cancer

Recently the 2012 Republication candidate for President, Mitt Romney, announced he had surgery last summer to treat prostate cancer. Dr. Thomas Ahrling operated on Romney at University of California Irvine Hospital, and Romney’s prognosis is now good. Political experts expect to run for United States senator of the state of Utah when Senator Orrin Hatch retires. He joins John Kerry and Colin Powell as famous politicians who have had surgery for it and are still alive, well and active. Dr. David Samadi wrote about Romney’s case in The Huffington Post to pass on his advice regarding their treatment options.

Prostate cancer is common in older men. It’s rare in men under 40. 60% of cases are found in men over 65, with 66 the average age of diagnosis. The American Cancer Society predicts 164,690 will learn of their diagnosis in 2018. According to Dr. David Samadi, surgery should be the man’s first choice for treatment, especially if the cancer has not metastasized, meaning it has not spread to other parts of the body, so it remains localized in the prostate.

The other treatment is radiation therapy. In that case, the radiologist exposes the cancer to radiation. However, although the radiation is highly targeted, surrounding parts of the man’s body are still exposed. This raises the risk the man later suffers secondary cancers, especially of the rectum and bladder.

Dr. David Samadi has seen the medical studies on the results of both treatments. Almost all men who have the surgery and the cancer has not spread, survive. Men who get treated by radiation are two times as likely to die from the disease as men who get treated with surgery. And they are one-and-a-half times as likely to pass away earlier than the patients who chose surgery over radiation first.

Dr. Samadi has lots of information on prostates, prostate cancer and urology on his website. He has a video of himself as a guest on a Fox News Housecall, discussing these same issues. On the show, he says surgery is the first line of treatment for any cancer. That’s partly because it allows the doctor to more accurately stage the cancer, or to know just how big the tumor is and whether or not it has spread. On that show, he also mentions CyberKnife, explaining that although it sounds like surgery, it is another form of radiation, not surgery. According to the doctor, radiation should be the backup plan for treating cancer if surgery cannot complete the job.

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The Diverse Range Of Employment Opportunities Available At Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare offers alternative living solutions to seniors in need of professional medical care. This organization has more than 20 senior care residential homes and a newly constructed gymnasium. These facilities are designed to meet the physical, emotional and social needs of senior adults in the Sussex region of the United Kingdom.

The team behind this company strives toward a commitment of superior service for all of their residents, which they obtain through a dedicated staff of professionals. In addition to the educational training their employees have before being hired, Sussex Healthcare also provides in-house training to keep staff members up to date on their practices and procedures.

As with many facilities within the field of healthcare, Sussex Healthcare is often looking to hire qualified individuals for positions within their residential care facilities. These positions could range from entry level assistant to senior management. A good way to view all of the available positions currently open at any Sussex Healthcare facility is to use an online resource. An entry level position for a care assistant could specify the shift the facility needs an individual to cover. The online description would include the benefits associated with the position, which could include double pay on holidays.


The open positions Sussex Healthcare is looking to fill could include professional level jobs such as those for registered nurses. Since the Sussex residential care facilities offer physical and mental health services, an open nursing position could be for a registered mental health nurse. The requirements for a qualified candidate could include holding a valid NMC PIN as well as excellent communication skills. Open positions at various Sussex facilities could also include those for extraneous services such as weekend drivers, laundry assistants and housekeepers. With over 20 different residential homes to staff, job seekers could find open positions with Sussex Healthcare in areas of East Sussex, Surrey, Billinghurst and West Sussex.

Any potential candidates for positions offered through Sussex Healthcare could be interested in knowing that the organization is accredited by the ISO and licensed by the Health Quality System within the United Kingdom. Since its first residential care home opened its doors in 1998, Sussex Healthcare has grown to where it now employs more than 1100 people in various positions. Understanding the need for quality health care for senior adults, the members on the Sussex board are also dedicated to finding solutions for the short supply of qualified caregivers within the U.K.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Brings Certainty to a Very Uncertain Generation

One characteristic of this generation is that it is very wishy-washy. A lot of people act as if they are unsure which way they are going to go. This shows a lot in dating. Many people go on dates and find that they are easily bored with the person. As a result, they move on. One of the factors in this is social media and online dating. Many people have multiple people lined up and they find that they prefer the person that they are not with. In many cases, people are not even going to meet anyone with online dating.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has done something to address this generation with Bumble. This has brought something good to the generation that was afraid of missing out on something better. One could say that this generation is spoiled in a way. Given that there always seems to be something better around the corner for the successful people, this can result in some people being left in the dust either before they get a date or when they are going on their third and fourth date. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe Herd has a way to bring in more commitment from people that are trying to get their dates.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe Herd has done is make it so that women are encouraged to approach the men on the online dating platforms. One of the reasons that this is such a great thing is that people are going to be more likely to hold on something that they had to work for. With other dating platforms, women are often bombarded with messages and this may result in some dates not panning out for many reasons. One of the reasons is that women want to give tons of people a chance.Whitney Wolfe Herd not only has made it easier for people to get dates, but has come up with advice that can help people maintain the interest of their dates. Among the common pieces of advice that people are given is to be confident. Another thing is to be authentic and proactive in one’s looks.