Achievements of Boraie Development in Developing Newark City

Shaquille who in several years ago worked in NBA Hall realized the need of improving the appearance of the Newark City in 1992 after accompanying his mother to visit their family members. His mother narrated a story of the previous situation of the town, where she said that the town was so beautiful and the beauty had already faded away. Therefore, there was a great need for a person who would restore the fantastic appearance. Shaquille O’Neal got the desire to be among the people to develop the city, and that is how the idea came to his mind. O’Neal narrated this story during the event that took place in Newark where a number of superstars of the town joined together to celebrate the rise of a new building having approximately 21 stories.


According to Patch, the governor of Newark, Phil Murphy, the Boraie developers Omar and Wasseem and Newark Mayor, Ras Baraka are among the superstars who were present in the occasion. The new building is named the Shaq Towers. This Tower came as a result of combined efforts from the private and public departments. The Mayor Ras Baraka explained how vital it is for the private and public sectors to combine efforts to work towards growing the city. His role during the construction of the Shaq Towers was to make the sectors unite. The Boraie Development and Shaquille have worked tirelessly to ensure that the tower will be completed as soon as possible.


The completion of the Shaq Towers will be a great achievement for the Newark. Since apart from this tower more is required in the city and the Boraie Development made their desire of supporting more projects known to the public. Also, the Goldman Sachs was among the sectors that contributed towards the project. The Vice President of Boraie Development is known as Wasseem. According to the information that was given by one of the Boraie Development at the occasion, Shaquille O’Neal and the Boraie group have a pending plan of constructing another multipurpose building that will contain around 35 stories. You can visit their website



The units of the structure will add up to roughly 350 units, and the total investment will be $150 million. The specific location of the tower will be on the McCarter Highway at the center of the town. The project has started, and the Boraie Development is committed to enhancing its completion, and the Newark town will not remain the same again because it will be the best place.





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