OSI Group Food Industry

The food industry is changing rapidly. Few people understand all of the changes that are taking place. OSI Group is one of the leading companies in this industry. Customers are demanding higher quality products than ever before. Anyone who wants to improve their health should eat better food choices. With rising demand from customers, OSI Group decided to make investments in this area of their business.

OSI Group recently acquired a food production plant from Tyson. Tyson is one of the biggest chicken manufactures in the world. Over the past few years, Tyson has enjoyed a high growth rate. Not only has the stock price increased, but the overall direction of the company has improved. OSI Group decided to purchase a Tyson production plant for several reasons. OSI Group wants to expand chicken sales, and they also want to partner with Tyson in the future.

Natural and Organic

One of the most significant trends in the food industry is eating natural and organic food choices. Over the past few years, many people have started to realize the positive impact of eating healthy food. Some people eat processed food for each meal. The vast majority of children are not getting enough vitamins and nutrients in their diet. OSI Group wants to help people make better food choices. The company has invested a ton of resources in providing natural and organic food choices for customers.

Financial Position

OSI Group is in a strong financial position. Not only does the company have minimal debt, but it also has high levels of cash relative to its peers. Acquiring another food plant is a possibility in the future. As long as OSI Group continues to invest in customers, the company should increase both sales and profits. Now is an excellent time for investors to make money in natural and organic food products.

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End Citizens United Gives MJ Hegar An Endorsement To Run For Congress

Hegar, who is running for the US House of Representatives in TX-31, has become a member of the growing list of candidates that have been endorsed by End Citizens United. Hegar also belongs to a new breed of politicians who have refused campaign funds from corporate PAC money. Hegar is committed to bringing reforms to the rigged system at Capitol Hill. She has dedicated herself to worthy endeavors such as the support for legislation that will be accountability and transparency in the US electoral system. Such bills include the DISCLOSE Act and the Government by The People Act. Hegar has shown her commitment to reforming the rigged system by announcing that she will not be welcoming campaign donations from corporate PACs.

End Citizens United has encouraged political candidates who are running for the November mid-term elections to reject money from special interest groups, big corporations and oil companies. ECU has also identified over 100 candidates running for office in November who have committed to rejecting money from Big money campaign donors. The president of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, said that mega-donors have dominated the political conversation inside the halls of Washington and have had a tight grip on so many members of the political class. Muller said that oil companies and big corporations that are lobbying for Congress are corrupting the system and leaving the residents of the great state of Texas behind. Tiffany added that Hegar is committed to bringing reforms to the rigged system in Washington by eliminating the influence of mega-donors and special interest groups in Washington.

End Citizens United has categorically stated that it is committed to endorsing MJ Hegar and also giving her the support she needs to win the November mid-term elections. Hegar said that Big Money 20 List is one of the thorny issues that impact on every issue that affects the lives of Americans and threatens the legacy of the democratic process that has been fought for and bled for by many generations of Americans. She added that US politicians have for far too long been answerable to the Big Money lobbyists and million-dollar donors instead of the working American population. Hegar added that the residents of Texas deserve better and that she will fight tooth and nail to bring reforms to the rigged system if elected into office. According to a recent survey conducted by Gallup poll indicates that 90% of American citizens believe that the legislators and the US government work in the interest of big corporations, oil companies and special interest groups.

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Brazilian Racer Rodrigo Terpins

In 2014’s 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally race, Rodrigo Terpins and his driving partner, Fabricio Bianchini, of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team took third place in the overall rankings. The multi-stage cross-country race was shorter than usual that year, only passing through two Brazilian states. But although it was shorter, it was still very challenging, something most racers thoroughly enjoy. The first of the several stages of the races departed from Goiania. In addition to the cars, there were also motorcycle competitors. Terpins has been racing for years, but that edition was the first time he had driven a T-Rex.  You can odiario.com for more info.



He and his partner did so well in the race that they were able to go at a much slower speed for the last stage and thus save the engine. 2014 was also the first year for Rodrigo’s brother, Michel Terpins, drove a T-Rex. They both decided they preferred it. During 2016’s 24th edition of the rally, Michel and Rodrigo Terpins drove a T-Rex for the third year in a row. The T-Rex is a recent designed developed by the MEM team. The 2016 race was 3,143 kilometers long and passed through three states. Michel drove with Maykel Justo who served as his navigator. The two did very well that year, leading the pack as champions of the Brazilian Cross Country Rally.


The first two stages of the Sertoes Rally race are especially important to the competitors since the points gleaned from them count toward the individual team’s standing in that year’s national championship. Every year the rally takes places over the course of seven days. Rodrigo is a very successful businessman and is happily married to Flavia Terpins. He frequently holds business dinners at his home for business associates from all over the world. He and Michel are also the original founders of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team which continues to be sponsored by 100% Events and Xarla.


It is also a recipient of the Green Initiative’s Carbon Free stamp of approval. For more information about the team or either Terpins brothers, all three have a considerable presence on multiple social media sites.


During his career in both investment and finance, Peter Briger has an amplified reputation as a dedicated and competent leader. He serves as a Co-Chairman and President at Fortress Investment Group. Briger was appointed the head of real estate and credit, Principal and President and in November 2006 he became the Director. He was then named Co-Chairman in August 2009 later he became a Co-CEO in December 2017 and had served in both positions ever since. He has a bachelor’s degree in Arts from The University of Princeton and a Masters from Pennsylvania University in Business Administration. Since Peter joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002, he has outgrown the business, and he oversees the company’s credit business. He has a team of over three hundred employees and majors in distressed and underestimated assets and credit investments that are illiquid.

Peter Briger is ranked #307 in the Forbes with a net worth of over $1.5 Billion. Peter Briger serves as a Spearhead’s Advisory Board member and a director at The University of Princeton Investment Company. Briger became a partner at Goldman Sach in 1996 after working for the company for fifteen years. During his career in this company, he had served as trading and loan sales Co-Head, Principal of a fixed debt company Co-Head and a Co-Head at an Asian company that majored in Real estate. He also handled issues pertaining debt distress at an international financial company. Linketone limited company had also appointed him as an Advisory Board Member.In 2013, a number of Executives from Wells Frago, One of the largest banks in the Nation, traveled to New York to Fortress Investment Group to discuss venturing into the Bitcoin Exchange Market.

Peter Briger was given the privilege to explain the reason why the fortress company was fascinated by Bitcoin Technology. A cording to him, the Bitcoin Business was a gold mine, and it would provide a secure and cheap money transfer platform to people all over the world. He also talked about the lack of a regulated American-based Bitcoin exchange which was something that Wells Fargo and Fortress Investment Group could together provide. The meeting inconclusively ended but though conversations went on, the two giants never ventured into the Bitcoin due to some crisis that arose in the Bitcoin business. This yielded an opportunity for Wall Street to get comfortable with this renegaded technology though it took a long and sluggish process. Learn More.

Bob Reina’s Path To Entrepreneurial Gold.

There are very few moments in our careers that we can point at as defining ones. For Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, that moment came nearly fifteen years ago. While working as a police officer, during an off-duty traffic gig, Reina met and had a conversation with a network marketing professional. Their talk eventually wandered its way toward the value of owning your own company, minding your own hours, and cutting your own paychecks. The conversation stuck with Reina and after a decade working as an officer, Reina knew that he was ready for change. Reina was ready to become one of the bigger video marketing and direct-selling companies on the internet, he just didn’t know it yet.


The power of video marketing hadn’t manifested itself back when Reina had that conversation with the marketing professional, at least not in the way it has today. Talk Fusion wouldn’t open up its doors for at least a couple more years but that conversation would be the beginning of Reina’s long-lasting plan to create something special. Reina would eventually come together with a friend. Dr. Jonathen Chen, and the two would work together to create the first product in the long list of Talk Fusion marketing goldmines: Video Email. Video Email became the flagship program for the Talk Fusion brand and it would be what helped to launch Reina’s career as an entrepreneur and a tech innovator. Video Email put control into the hands of individuals looking to send videos directly through their email clients, rather than skirting around different third party programs. Learn more: https://www.businessforhome.org/2011/11/bob-reina-ceo-talk-fusion-interview/


When Reina first opened up shop with Talk Fusion, the early returns were more than just admirable. Reina had found that opening up a company or working in network marketing could be a hit or miss prospect, especially with early failures in a different field. Reina admits that, at times, he would actually LOSE money on his phone bill versus how much he managed to earn by way of commission. With Talk Fusion, however, things were very different. Due to Reina’s clear enthusiasm for the product, Talk Fusion hit the ground earning money and the rest is history.






Bob Honey Who Do Stuff, a Novel worth the Read

Novel lovers, there is a new release in town. The novel is called Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The first thing that stands out about this book is its name. Written by Sean Penn, this novel is an absorbedly trippy read. The novel makes you awe in disbelief, marvel at the action-filled wonders of the story, and delight in the stream of a well-written story. The book can be classified as a cult classic much like other famous cult classics the likes of Hunter S. Thompson and Thomas Pynchon. The Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff novel makes readers eager to dip deeper into the rich literary substance it has to offer.

The original creation of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was for an audiobook in 2016. The novel was released as a slimmer with Sean Penn narrating the story under the alias Pappy Pariah. However, the story is now a full build up that is meant to comment on the Modern Times. The story’s main character Bob is a 56-year old person who lives in California. He is an outright skeptic towards the messaging and mediocrity of the modern times. Profession wise, bob is a globetrotting entrepreneur that takes on contracts to kill elder people using a mallet. Apparently, his neighbors think that he is merely delusional.

True to the nature of the title, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff the story has no formal plot. Bob is simply seated on a sofa lamenting and recalling all the possible imaginations about the state of the modern nation. He regards the current nation as a shopping mall that has a flag. He also loathes his ex-wife. His ex-wife is apparently happy with her divorced lawyer and drives an ice cream truck. He tries to be social, but his efforts prove to be futile. The book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff takes an in-depth look at not only the life of bob but also some of the issues that affect the society. The book is not hard to read since it is an out loud response to the current state of the world.

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Sean Penn Transitions to the Written Word with “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”




NGP Van: Introducing a New Way to Campaign

In the past, political candidates are using all standard forms of campaigning to ensure that they will be winning a seat either in the Congress or at the Senate. These politicians are investing billions of dollars just to make sure that they will win the election. They also hire ground crews who would be going around the city to campaign for the candidate, persuading the public to go to vote on the day of the election. Today, technology experts have developed a new way to digitize the electoral process, and the creators behind these software programs are hoping that it would hasten the tedious and slow process of electing a government official.

NGP VAN was introduced to help the government officials who wanted to run in the elections. The campaign organization software was invented to provide convenience to those who are running for government offices. It organizes the canvassing efficiently, and it is taking other political parties to a new way of campaigning that does not require huge amounts of money. NGP VAN is making sure that they will be able to take voters into the polling stations to vote. What happens when someone uses the NGP VAN is that it would display the political ideologies of people living in a certain area. With manual campaigning, canvassers are wasting their time campaigning inside the homes of those who already made a firm decision on who they would want to vote. By using NGP VAN, people within the area who believe in the same ideology as the canvassers would be displayed, and they can visit their homes to persuade them to vote.

This new strategy in a door-knocking campaign would surely change the results of the upcoming elections in the United States. Everyone can download the application through their mobile devices, and it is effortless to use. With the rise of NGP VAN, campaign managers are looking into using the application to help them with campaigns of their political bets. They are seeing that the use of the application would surely save them a lot of money, and it would give them the chance to focus on voters who would surely go to the polling stations during the day of the election.

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NGP VAN Takes Campaign Fundraising to the Next Level

Hands-on Expert-Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes is the Business Development Manager at Eagle Industries Unlimited which is responsible for commercial products and law enforcement. Ronald Fowlkes owes his expertise to the tactical training he received while working in the Department of Defense as a contractor and equally working in the Navy-Marine Corps. His duties in the marine consisted of post-blast analysis, hostage rescue, questioning of captured and detained people and evidence collection, among others that have assisted to hone his skills in tactical training.


Ronald Fowlkes served honorably in the First Gulf war and got promoted twice while in the Marine Corps. He also attended a basic course at ANGLICO (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company. He has also been to U.S Army Parachute School, Navy-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia and NSWF Combat Driver School doing basic courses. In 2000, Ronald Fowlkes worked with Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, a company based in Iraq, where he handled infantry operations and training of soldiers in handling hostage situations.


Ronald Fowlkes has contributed to making the society a better place by working in a law enforcement capacity for close to 13 years. For 10 years, he worked as a Team Leader of the SWAT team at the St.Louis Metropolitan Police Department. As a team leader and certified instructor, he was responsible for instructing defensive tactics, SWAT warfare tactics, shoot house and tactical rifle. Together with his team, he was in-charge of investigations into illegal gun possession, gang activity and trafficking of illegal narcotics. He also worked as a police officer for three years at the St.Louis County Police Department. He participated in combating close to 250 high-risk situations. He contributed to maintaining law and order together with the other officers and assisted the society to become revitalized.


At Eagle Industries, Ronald Fowlkes is in charge of contacting customers, educating sales personnel and selecting the products for development. He also coordinates with professional users from the military and law enforcement departments to market innovative designs of the company. Ronald Fowlkes brings to the table 20 years of experience and insight on tactical gear. He has actively been involved in the development of high-quality gear suited for security departments and has accumulated great expertise.


Ronald Fowlkes has managed to revolutionize the law enforcement industries using his military and police experience. As a business development manager, he has accomplished a lot in making products that have been effective for law enforcement officers. He has managed to make it safer for officers to do their job. During his spare time, he contributes to the sports arena by the coaching hockey team where his son plays. By doing this, Fowlkes finds the time to bond with his son while serving his community. Ronald Fowlkes hands-on experience has made him a reputable and respected leader of his time.


Sussex Healthcare Is Going Through A Series Of Improvements

Sussex Healthcare is an independent organization based in Sussex. The organization owns around twenty homes that provide care and support services for the old aged in the society. The homes also offer special services and care to people suffering from age-related mental disorders like depression, dementia, anxiety and Alzheimer’s. Their services also extend to adults with learning difficulties as well as physical and neurological disabilities.

The Sussex Healthcare homes are built in a unique and state-of-the-art design. The rooms are complete with all the amenities required. There are recreational areas and facilities in the homes, therapy rooms that are completely equipped with the machinery necessary and up to date in terms of technology. Recently, the organization has unveiled a gym area that has been designed and built to fit the needs of the residents of the homes.

Sussex Healthcare employs a team of qualified and licensed caregivers including nurses, therapists, physical trainers and the general administration staff. Each of their staff members is chosen through a strict vetting process. The organization has also recently announced that it is employing more caregivers and applications were open to the public. This is all part of the process of improving the quality of services that the homes provide and expanding the organization.

Sussex Healthcare announced the arrival of their newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Amanda Taylor in recent news. Amanda who has been in the healthcare industry for more than three decades has become a valuable part of the organization. She is the brains behind the advancement and expansion program. Since she took on the CEO role in January this year, she has been able to create new positions in the company hence the new employment process. She is also overseeing the process of improving the Organization’s compliance level and improving the services that are being provided in the homes. She has been able to pull this off by listening to the concerns of the resident caregivers as well as the families of their clients and the community.

By paying keen focus on quality and client needs, Sussex Healthcare continues to dominate the industry and receive awards for its work.

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Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Labs – In the Forefront of Revolutionizing Cancer Care

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur, and one of his successful ventures is Tempus Labs. Tempus Labs has developed a molecular and clinical library of digitized genomic and patient information designed to provide physicians with a searchable database of DNA and clinical data so they can individualize care for cancer patients. The data is available to physicians in real time so they can make data-driven decisions to benefit each patient.

Tempus Labs is a privately held company with more than 11,000 employees in 48 countries. The company is still growing thanks to an infusion of cash from investors. According to a recent Chicago Tribune article, Tempus Labs recently received more than $80 million in additional funding. New investors like Kinship Trust Co. and T. Rowe Price Associates have joined long-time supporters like New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth. This infusion of cash not only increased total investments in Tempus Labs to more than $210 million but it simultaneously boosted the valuation of Tempus Labs to more than $1 billion.

Startups with a valuation of more than $1 billion are rare, so rare in fact, it led Aileen Lee a venture capitalist, to dub such startups as “a unicorn.” More than 50 percent of startups fail within the first four years, so the success of Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Labs make them unique. As a biotech firm, Tempus Labs has successfully merged healthcare and technology. In an article written by Lefkofsky, he stated, “Healthcare, as an industry, is ripe for technological disruption. The potential for positive impact, particularly in the area of cancer care is both enormous and imminent.”

Tempus Labs and Eric Lefkofsky are in the forefront of healthcare research by leading a group of scientists, researchers, and physicians to develop cutting-edge tools to individualize health care. The mission of Tempus Labs is “to enhance the quality of human lives.” The continued success of Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Labs indicate they are living up to their mission. Through genomic sequencing and mapping, Tempus Labs is in the forefront of revolutionizing cancer care.

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