Kerv Wearables has create a great new ring for PSI Pay

Kerv Wearables has create a great new ring for PSI Pay. The two companies have joined forces to bring the world a new option for contactless payments. Their solution is fast and easy, it is a small ring that wearers can use to make payments. In the previous 20 years of PSI Pay’s business history, they have not had anything this great. Their contactless payment solutions were convenient and revolutionary, and they offered customers an easy way to make payments, but this has changed the entire financial world. No other company has created a ring that customers can wear and use to make payments. The ring is comfortable and stylish.


PSI Pay invented the ring with the goal of offering their customers something new and different. The ring is made of a material that can outlast steel, and the inside is made of a material that is comfortable and will not irritate skin. The ring is sturdy enough to stand up to extreme weather, and it will not break if a customer wears it on a daily basis. The ring was released for consumers in the summer of 2017. It retails in two colors. With the PSI Pay ring, there is no need to connect to your debit or credit card or your smart phone. The ring acts as its own entity.


PSI Pay has been certified by the safety board at MasterCard. They made sure the rings were dependable and secure. The rings are encrypted, so no one can steal the streams of electronic data as you are making a purchase. The power comes from the electromagnetic streams being emitted from the merchant’s POS station. Therefor, there is never a need to charge the ring or replace a battery. The tough and practical rings are quickly becoming a favorite with customers who enjoy traveling.


The wallet system used by the PSI Pay ring is the European system. It is the opposite of the American wallet. The European wallet lets the customer purchase funds for the ring in the form of E cash. When the customer wants to make a purchase, the funds come from the wallet. The customer can also send funds from the wallet to their other financial institutions in an instant. The American wallet contains a single method of payment that communicates with a single merchant. The European wallet that PSI Pay uses have proven to be very useful.

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Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Makes Some Strong Commentaries On Modern Society:

Sean Penn’s new novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was the topic of a recent Vogue article. The novel has gained plenty of praise as well as comparisons to the writings of such literary giants as Mark Twain, Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Bukowski. Sean has been on a major tour promoting the novel, but when Vogue caught up with him, he was relaxing at home while on the Los Angeles leg of his tour. Sean immediately explains that this book represents a different kind of satisfaction for him versus the feeling of releasing a film. Though that experience is also rewarding, it is rewarding in a team type of manner. Releasing a novel, like Bob Honey who just do stuff, is something Sean views as an individual accomplishment.

When he is asked why not just write a screenplay, Sean states that he really wanted to tell this story and he feels that he needed to do something on his own. He wants to emphasize that he is not done and has another book well in the works. He won’t completely divorce himself from the idea of returning in some form to the world of film, but right now has no plans to act. He does give up a small bit of information in terms of there being a film possibility that he would like to direct. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has both an eccentric title and plot for readers to delve into.

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Bob Honey was written by dictation because it is a style Sean is used to from his screenplay career. In the end, he likes dictation because his brain often moves faster than his fingers. He hopes that people catch on to the undercurrents present in the novel. He believes that the book does have a suggestion of working towards a world with social equality. There is also a purposeful satirization of modern consumer culture and branding that is present in the book. This is one way in which Sean draws on the currents of the modern world and channels them into this novel.

OSI Group Making Headlines Acquiring Big Companies

Who is OSI Group?

OSI is a globally recognized food provider. It is a successful business that has been helping brands reach the consumer all over the world. The company was founded by a man named Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. Called Otto & Sons at the time in Chicago, it was only a small butcher shop back then. The company continued to grow in time reaching Europe in 1978 and South America a mere two years later. Over the next three decades, the company continued to reach more and more consumers. They stretched into Taiwan, Austria, China, Mexico, Philippines, Hungary, Poland, Australia and more. Just recently OSI Group has picked up three more facilities. This is just a few things to add to the long list of accomplishments.

Baho Food

Baho Food is a large company that worked out of the Netherlands and Germany. They have been in business for over 60 years total before being bought out. They have five different secondary companies they control. These include Q Smart Life, Henri van de Bilt, Bital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren and Bakx Foods. They are large in a total of 18 countries found in Europe. One good thing to come out of all this is that OSI intends on keeping the staff.

Tyson Food Plant

In 2016 The OSI Group decided to buy the old Tyson Plant out of Chicago, Illinois. The sale was looked at as life-saving to many people in the city of Chicago. Tyson had already made it clear that they would be closing the plant down. The plant held jobs to almost 500 people in Chicago. It had over 200,000 square feet of space and had been operating for many years in the city. Many would be losing their jobs with the shutdown. With this purchase, those that are still employed at the plant could very well keep their jobs. Also, it could offer even more jobs for those that had left or others in need.

Flagship Europe

With the purchase of Flagship Europe, OSI Group has made a bigger presence in Europe. OSI Group needed it for their expansion. Flagship Europe was a frozen food supplier based out of the UK. It was in business for over 60 years and supplied to 16 different countries with a total of over 60 facilities. They provide different products including pies, frozen poultry and more.

The OSI Group has been in business for a very long time but just recently it has begun to expand even more. It is always on the lookout for more opportunities. As seen with the recent occurrences, it could help the facilities it obtains. They help to gain employment and other opportunities for the towns they are expanding to.

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Talks Energy Is a Positive Work Environment for All

Talos Energy is an independent company that operates in the oil and gas industry. The company has grown from a small business to a multimillion-dollar operation. They are a Dallas-based company and provide people with gas and oil in different areas around the country. As an oil company, they have managed to stay out of the corporate culture so many companies fall victim to. The business model they use focuses on their employees and making sure they’re happy. Additionally, Talos Energy tries to always put their employees first because they know how important a happy team is in the industry.For years, Talos Energy worked to promote positive opportunities for people who sought employment. Many of their best employees came from the efforts they put out during their early days.

Talos Energy tries to give employees a hand in the industry so they don’t have to worry about issues that other companies have to worry about. As long as Talos Energy is doing their best to help employees, people will continue to stay with the company. People will also enjoy the work they do with Talos Energy because of the positive environment the company promotes. As Talos Energy begins seeking new people to start working with them again, they know what they’re looking for. They also know there will be changes that people can take into consideration no matter where they’re going or what they’re doing. For Talos Energy, the business will thrive under the new employees. They want to show them there are opportunities they may not have even heard of in the past.

Talos Energy dedicates a lot of time searching for new employees. They hope to find those who want to work and be successful. The success of everyone in the business is a huge part of how they can work to help others out.While Talos Energy does their best to support employees, most find success with the opportunities they get from the Talos Energy. People see the company as a great place to work. Employees do not leave the company often. The low turnover rate turns into high employee morale. Many people who work for Talos Energy have worked there for years. They know what the company does and how it works to help people with different options. Additionally, Talos Energy knows it is important to give back to the people who work for them.

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Ricardo Tosto’s Career Success

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most prominent lawyers in Brazil. During his career, he has helped hundreds of people with their cases. He grew up in a family of farmers. Although his family wanted him to become a farmer, he wanted to live a different lifestyle. He attended college to get a degree in business. Once he attended a few classes, he decided to focuson another subject.

The legal field was changing rapidly at the time. Ricardo Tosto decided to become a lawyer to help people in various ways. During school, he worked multiple jobs to pay his tuition. Once he graduated and received a job offer, he was thankful to be working in the field. He has a deep passion for the legal profession.

Early Career

When he started working at a legal company, he quickly realized how busy his life would be. The legal field is continually changing, and lawyers must be continuously learning about new cases.

Ricardo Tosto decided to start his legal practice several years ago. Even though he was worried about how to pay the bills, he wanted to own a company. He developed a marketing plan to attract new clients. Many clients heard of his great work in the industry.

Ricardo Tosto also offers free services to low-income customers who need legal advice. He knows how difficult it can be to get reliable legal advice without a lot of money. Ricardo Tosto is excited about his plans for his business.

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Nothing Borrowed, Nothing Blue, Nothing Old But Something 250 Units New

Atlantic City known for its great views, hot summers and blazing casino scene is about to get even hotter next summer. That’s right, what’s heating things up for next summer may take you by surprise. Real estate is what is sizzling up things for next summer, specifically according to the Press Of Atlantic City, a 250 new apartment development is getting ready to open next summer. This new apartment development will be the city’s first major market rate project development in the last 25 years. For Atlantic City to have such a large development project is a major win for them. The project will super charge the city in many ways by first providing for the 50,000 people working in the resort town. Second, the real estate project is seen as a beacon of optimism by signifying the city’s potential to grow despite various circumstances that have occurred over the past few years. Boraie Development LLC is the power force behind this 250 new apartment development and according to The Press Of Atlantic City and it will be known as The Beach At South Inlet. The nice little hearty price tag of this lovely, little project is $81 million dollars.

A prime reason the apartment project is viewed with importance, along with the Atlantic City Gateway project is because they show that stability is taking place and will serve as a magnet for other potential investment projects in the future. In addition, it serves notice to the neighboring cities that Atlantic City is getting stronger and they’re competing harder for business.

It seems that one of the real power forces behind these events is Boraie, Vice President Wasseem Boraie. Sam Boraie had mentioned to The Press Of Atlantic City “new generation of renters knows what they want,” and it would seem that he and his organization is there to fulfill that need which is modern house interiors. A recent report had released information stating that about 61 percent of Atlantic City’s housing stock is more than 40 years old. So for Boraie it is a great move for them to build this apartment complex, because they are providing a prime product to a desperate need, injecting life into the economy and setting themselves as the “go to” person who provides modern interiors. Check out to see more.

Boraie had never been a stranger to going against grain, so to speak. To go in the opposite direction has always been the norm with a Boraie. When you’re the type of person whom is always ahead of your time and do your business affairs in the same way, being asked “are you crazy” might be a question you’re asked often. However, one note that must be mentioned is that the “crazy question” is always the one to be the crazy question itself because the results of the methods and practices always come out so well. It is nice to see that a person with the ability to think ahead to make impossible things possible and have the fortitude to ignore the self-doubt that every human has met from time to time.

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Partnerships Being Built: Equities First Holdings News

As a news article, this article will be giving you the need-to-know on that very famous Equities First Holdings company that you have probably been searching for info on. The ETC company has personally come to the decision that they are in need of financial assistance with their big projects in India. So, they have agreed to be in a partnership with the EFH company, so as to gain the type of funding that they are desperately in need of for these projects

The More You Know EFH

The more you know about the Equities First Holdings company, the more that you will be able to keep up with. However, the only things that you do need to know about this company is that is was started in 2002, it provides alternative shareholder financing services, and it has been highly recommended.

Go Buyside: The Tool For Companies To Find Candidates That Are Perfect For Their Positions

Recruiters are constantly looking at online tools to be able to improve the kind of talent acquisition endeavors that they take on. Finding recruits online before calling them in for interviews has become one of the more preferred ways for them to find employees to fill up their ranks. However, there are times in which these sites can work against the recruiters. Since there is a large number of people applying for different positions, it isn’t uncommon for recruiters to get spammed by hundreds of applicants, even if they are not eligible for the positions that are applying for. It can be a hassle for recruiters to have to search among the numerous applicants that they receive for that one candidate that will work best for them.

GoBuyside is one company that has paved the path for recruiters, helping them use online tools to find candidates, but in a much more efficient way. The site works for both recruiters as well as recruits who are looking for top-tier positions. The company has a wide range of clients who they offer their services to, and have helped them fill out various positions at the companies that they are running.

Being eligible for the jobs that the site has to offer is a simple process. The site has an internal system and group of experts that analyze every single applicant that they receive, to see where they would fit in, and which company would benefit from them being their employee. The companies that are coming to them too have certain criteria that they require their employees to fill and Go Buyside tries its best to ensure that those who they are suggesting fulfill those criteria. Candidates who are looking to make use of these services can do so from the main website of Go Buyside. Thereon, they have to give Go Buyside a couple of days to analyze the CV that they have given. Go Buyside will then get back to the candidates if they have found a good job for them, and if they see them fit for a position at any one of the companies that they work with.

Go Buyside has become an incredibly efficient and important tool that corporates are implementing to improve their businesses. Having one good employee is better than having five mediocre employees, which is why it is important always to find a candidate who is perfect for the job, which is what Go Buyside aims to do.

Along with the talent acquisition and recruitment services that Go Buyside offers, the company also provides a number of other services that corporates can implement to better the operations that they carry out. These constitute services like financial analyses, growth analysis and many more.


Lori Senecal Paints a Picture of the Future of Advertising

Lori Senecal, the Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter and Bogusky, LLC, has blazed quite the trail in the world of marketing and advertising, creating innovative approaches to the craft that have changed the trajectory of her company, as well as many others. Lori insists that, as the world changes in regards to the dominant forms of technology that we use, so does the marketing approaches for companies looking to garner greater connections with their target audiences. Lori Senecal recently broke down a number of trends in the world of advertising and listed approaches that can help you take your company to the next level.


Mobile advertising is now the dominant form of online advertising, replacing the more traditional, desktop advertising. In 2015, the revenue from internet advertising reached an all-time high, topping out a $60 billion – much of that was directly attributed to mobile advertising. Reports have concluded that most people now spend as much as a quarter of their day online, shopping and making other daily transactions. This has greatly affected the potential revenue of major corporations around the world.


According to Fast Company, at the top of the internet marketing arena is social media. Facebook, which saw nearly a 60 percent jump in increased advertising revenue from 2014 to 2015, has consistently dominated the social media platform, changing the course of online marketing forever. Google was not far behind Facebook in terms of the revenue increases the company saw because of online advertising, as it jumped nearly twenty percent. When factored in together, Google and Facebook were clearly the champions of the online advertising boom, as they controlled 76 percent of the growth from 2014 to 2015.


In response to ad blocking software, which has an estimated 92 percent usage rate amongst internet users, many companies have begun shortening their ads, helping to keep the attention of their audiences, while still getting their message across. Companies such as Universal Picture, Spotify, and Snapchat, were among those that were able to utilize this new method to its fullest potential, with many of their advertisements reaching well above 14 million views. Lori Senecal recently spoke at 3% conference.

Desiree Perez and the Recording Academy

Earlier this month the Grammy Awards were held in Los Angeles and in keeping with previous years, there was controversy. Following the awards there was a great deal of talk concerning the lack of female recipients this year. In response to this observation the president of the recording academy, Neil Portnow, asserted that women needed to step-up if they wanted to receive Grammies in the future.Some industry insiders criticized Portnow and even called for his resignation. Amongst these critics was Desiree Perez, the Chief Operating Officer of RocNation. Perez is one of only a few female executives in the industry and is one of the most powerful voices.

Upon learning of Neil Portnow’s stance on the absence of female representation among this year’s Grammy winners, Perez along with other executives wrote a letter to the Board of Trustees of the Recording Academy. In this letter, Perez accuses the Academy of being misinformed and out-of-touch with recording artists and the trajectory of today’s music. These declarations made by Perez are powerful because of the amount of respect that she has garnered in an industry dominated by men.

Desiree Perez has developed a strong reputation as a master negotiator who was largely responsible for the $200 million investment made by Sprint into the online streaming company TIDAL which is affiliated with RocNation.Although Perez and the other executives did not ask Portnow to step down, the letter did get the attention of the recording academy and it has vowed to create a taskforce to evaluate how winners are chosen in the future. People like Desiree Perez are an asset a music industry that often perpetuates misogyny. Hopefully Perez will continue to change the way that people think about the capabilities and importance of women in the music industry.