Be Part Of The Stray Animals Cause

A New York City attorney, who can work in a variety of arenas, is taking advantage of his versatility to launch a Go Fund Me campaign which will help animal shelters in his city.

Ross Abelow revealed his intent to provide homeless animal support with his campaign goal of $5,000 to do good for the city’s shelters.

Go Fund Me, which was established in 2010, allows campaign organizers to invite others to participate in their efforts. It is a well-organized and resourceful means to offer financial assistance in a direct way.

Abelow’s aim takes account of making assistance available in distributing medical care, immunizations, blankets and provisions for the increasing amount of suffering animals.

The goal of Go Fund Me campaign is to bring in funds that will help shelters that are not capable of adding to their numbers of animals either because of lack of funds or lack of space or both. What’s more, the campaign is expected to assist in healing the strays and in the near future work towards the adoption of the animals rather than euthanizing them.

Abelow also pointed out the influence of New York City’s climate conditions as the seasonal weather patterns have grown to be more complicated to predict as the climate continues to change.

Specifically, Abelow looks forward to the campaign also preventing helpless deaths of the animals left out in the cold or hot weather with the funds raised through his involvement.

To make a contribution for the stray animals, please go to

The animal lover and philanthropist New York attorney is active in his community and has made legal representation available for more than twenty five years.

His practice and activities also involve many services that range from contracts to legal disputes over intellectual property.

A New York University and Brooklyn Law School graduate, Abelow is currently a partner with Abelow & Cassandro. He is also a dynamic author of legal commentaries as well as a participant on social media sites including Mashable and Facebook.

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