Capital Group CEO: Taking Over the Investment Industry

Since its inception in 1931, Capital Group strives to be the best in the national financial service sector. The company is estimated to have about $1.4 billion in assets. Capital Group is a private company and has several offices worldwide. Over the years, it has earned a name for itself as the best global investment brokerage company. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Capital Group has over 7,000 employees globally with offices in Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Milan, Madrid, and Zurich.

Timothy Armour is the chairman as well as CEO of Capital Group. He joined the company in 1983 via its Associates Program. With several years of experience in investment, Armour has worked for both U.S services and global communications companies. Timothy Armour attended Middlebury College where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Aside from his position as Chairman of Capital Group, he is an Equity Portfolio Manager of the company

Timothy Armour advises investors to “find active managers who earn their keep.” For instance, when Blockbuster got to a $5 billion peak, and Netflix was still not well established, prospects considered the two as having little in common. A few years later, Netflix rose to $45 billion as Blockbuster went bankrupt. Armour insists that success relies heavily on the details of the company.

In the market sell of September 2015, Timothy Armour gave his thoughts about China making up 15% of the world’s GDP. He stated that this has a great impact on the global market. After China had devalued its currency, there was a sudden shock in the financial markets. China continues to influence the world’s economy in developed countries such as Australia, Japan, Europe and Hong Kong. These countries have little of a choice when it comes to dealing with a potential decline in exports. Nonetheless, lower oil and commodity prices offset these negatives. This provides a boost in the world’s financial scene.

The partnership of Capital Group with Samsung Asset Management (SAM) provides hope to the future of retirement funds. Armour stated in a press release that both entities would work together to develop asset allocation products and retirement solutions that will enhance the existing investment capability of SAM. He added that their primary focus is to design investment solutions to meet insurance-linked, retirement and savings needs of investors from Korea.

Janet Yang, CFA says that major contributions of Armour significantly attribute to Capital Group’s success. She points out that Tim Armour is a good leader because he’s able to examine the demands and needs of employees and business.

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