End Citizens United Gives MJ Hegar An Endorsement To Run For Congress

Hegar, who is running for the US House of Representatives in TX-31, has become a member of the growing list of candidates that have been endorsed by End Citizens United. Hegar also belongs to a new breed of politicians who have refused campaign funds from corporate PAC money. Hegar is committed to bringing reforms to the rigged system at Capitol Hill. She has dedicated herself to worthy endeavors such as the support for legislation that will be accountability and transparency in the US electoral system. Such bills include the DISCLOSE Act and the Government by The People Act. Hegar has shown her commitment to reforming the rigged system by announcing that she will not be welcoming campaign donations from corporate PACs.

End Citizens United has encouraged political candidates who are running for the November mid-term elections to reject money from special interest groups, big corporations and oil companies. ECU has also identified over 100 candidates running for office in November who have committed to rejecting money from Big money campaign donors. The president of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, said that mega-donors have dominated the political conversation inside the halls of Washington and have had a tight grip on so many members of the political class. Muller said that oil companies and big corporations that are lobbying for Congress are corrupting the system and leaving the residents of the great state of Texas behind. Tiffany added that Hegar is committed to bringing reforms to the rigged system in Washington by eliminating the influence of mega-donors and special interest groups in Washington.

End Citizens United has categorically stated that it is committed to endorsing MJ Hegar and also giving her the support she needs to win the November mid-term elections. Hegar said that Big Money 20 List is one of the thorny issues that impact on every issue that affects the lives of Americans and threatens the legacy of the democratic process that has been fought for and bled for by many generations of Americans. She added that US politicians have for far too long been answerable to the Big Money lobbyists and million-dollar donors instead of the working American population. Hegar added that the residents of Texas deserve better and that she will fight tooth and nail to bring reforms to the rigged system if elected into office. According to a recent survey conducted by Gallup poll indicates that 90% of American citizens believe that the legislators and the US government work in the interest of big corporations, oil companies and special interest groups.

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George Soros: Fighting for Humanity

Every country has its problems. So countries have more problems than most, and others have few problems that are more severe. In most developed countries, there’s always at least one person of wealth fighting the good fight. In the U.S. that person is billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros.

George Soros was recently mentioned in an NY Times post for his multibillion-dollar donations to his Open Society Foundations. He didn’t donate billions of dollars in a single donation; he donated hundreds of millions of dollars over the last 30-plus years. His total donations added up to $18 billion.

There’s only one other philanthropic organization in the country that is above Open Society; the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Mr. Soros’s generous contributions have only made headlines recently because Open Society usually keeps his donations a secret. Recent events have made stories like these necessary to inspire more people to give.

Open Society is a foundation that fights for anything they find a worthy cause. Their main objectives are promoting democracy and fighting for human rights. So far, they operate in more than 120 countries but have been working in the U.S. more than usual.

Over the past year, America’s seen a rise in hate crimes and just overall hatred incidents. Most accredit this rise in hatred to the 2016 presidential election and Donald Trump’s victory. Since then, nearly every civil and equal rights group has been under attack.
There’s no sign of the hatred slowing or calming down anytime soon.
That’s why it’s so important to Soros that his organization get involved. Open Society doesn’t just fight for human rights. They’ve also funded numerous other organizations that deal with health and treatment centers and art and culture preservation. Earlier this year, Mr. Soros donated $10 million to prevent police brutality.

According to JPost, his political affiliations earned him the attention of several right wing organizations. He’s been targeted and accused many times since coming out a Democratic supporter. The more he contributes to society, the worse the accusations become. He’s even been accused of undermining European governments’ control over their borders.

The most shocking accusation is that he’s been hiring women to falsely accuse Republican candidates of sexual assault. George Soros is an advocate for women’s rights and takes matters such as sexual assaults very seriously.

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