Marc Beer Medical Development

There have been many medical breakthroughs over the years. Many times, the people that do the majority of the work behind it are unknown. Marc Beer has worked for years to get out medicine that can play a huge role in the health of people all over the world. He is the co-founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Renovia Inc. He founded the company alongside his partners Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie. Before he started his own company, he was the head of many other big medical companies. He has used the knowledge that he gained over the years to help build a company that is not only profitable but necessary.

Marc Beer has worked in capacities related to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. He is very well known for the work that he has done in developing medicine and marketing what is created by his staff. In addition to the administrative positions that he holds in the workplace, he is on boards outside of his company where he is trusted to give valuable input. Marc Beer graduated with a college degree from Miami University which is located in Ohio. He now serves as a member of the Miami University Business Advisory Council. He serves as a trusted member of many other committees. Out of all of the work that he is found he is most committed to raising money for women’s health currently.

Marc Beer has been working in his company to create a medicine that will help women who suffer from problems that arise from pelvic floor disorder. He has been successful in raising 42 million dollars to help his company get treatments to the people that are in need. So far he has been successful in getting on of the products that they formulated approved by the FDA. Leva is the first product that Renovia had approved. They are now looking to get investors so that they can have a second product approved.

This new product that Renovia is working on will help women who total to about 250 million all around the world who suffer from sickness related to pelvic floor disorder. There aren’t many treatment options available to women who suffer from urinary inconsistence and various other pelvic floor disorders. When the medicine is created for the disorder, it will not only be able to treat pelvic floor disorders, but it will allow for a proper diagnosis to be made in favor of the patient.

Marc Beer has dedicated his career to making way for people to feel better through medicine. He continues to make progress by working to help the people who are seemingly looked over in the study of medicine by creating treatments to solve their health problems. Learn more :