Fabletics: A $250 Million Company

Growing any company into a multimillion-dollar enterprise is difficult. The fashion industry is one of the hardest industries to succeed, yet that’s exactly what Fabletic’s done. Launched in 2013, Fabletics used new marketing strategies to build their brand into a world-renowned fashion brand. Many of their strategies involve their customers’ direct participation.

Fabletics is one of the only subscription-based brands to find international success in today’s economy. Much of that is thanks to user reviews. Recent research showed that over 80 percent of modern consumers use customer reviews to determine their final purchase. Fabletics created a way to use this new marketing strategy to their advantage.

The dedication to its customers earned the brand millions of social media followers. Fabletics has more than 20 million followers on Twitter alone. Also, it has 1.2 million paying members; inspiring the brand to launch several physical stores. Members responded well to their many discounted items and stylish fashion.

Over the years, customers noticed the dedication that co-founder Kate Hudson brings to the company. Most celebrity-sponsored brands don’t actually have celebrities working behind the scenes, but Kate Hudson is not most celebrities. She’s one of the contributing forces behind the company’s success.

The story behind Fabletic’s fashion is about more than just looking nice. While making women look beautiful is a part of all fashion lines, Hudson wanted Fabletic’s fashion to inspire women to change their lives. Kate Hudson is a renowned advocate for health and fitness, and that’s what Fabletics is really about.

The activewear market has been around for years. Yet, there’s never really been a brand that made fashionable fitness wears for all women, especially plus-size women. It was extremely important to Hudson that Fabletics create lines for plus-size women. Currently, Fabletics sells sizes from XXS to 3X.

Making products for all women is difficult. It’s why most fashion companies only make products for certain sizes. It’s not intentionally insulting, but it does make other women feel left out and unwanted. That’s why Fabletics took to time to ensure that every woman would be welcomed at Fabletics.

She’s also learned to embrace new ways of selling items. Everyone has their own styles these days and is less likely to want to wear the exact same thing as someone else. This means that certain items don’t sell as well as the company initially hoped.

Kate Hudson Has Successfully Led Fabletics in Executing a Unique Approach That Has Paid Off in a Big Way

In the fashion e-commerce field that is characterized by industry’s bigwigs like Amazon, winning for a brand like Fabletics requires a change of approach. This is why Kate Hudson started a member’s subscription plan that allows customers to buy what they like in the conveniently and at a half market price. This method has seen her grow her business to a value of 250 million dollars in just three years. In addition to price and quality, excellent customer service, after-sale service, brand recognition, innovative designs, and extra online marketing are paramount in appealing to the consumers of today and stay competitive.


Unique Approach


Monthly subscriptions allow a more personalized way, which creates a relationship with their clients. The firm gets to understand the local market better, which makes it more reliable in providing items that match the customers’ preferences even in the physical stores. This means that a bigger percentage of the clients who visit the physical stores are already members and another portion join the membership while in the stores. This strategy has eliminated the group that visits the shop but purchases somewhere else. After adopting the approach, Fabletics has started seeing the fruits of their creative strategy as they are set to add other retail stores to their 16 already existing ones.


Fabletics has gained online popularity with over 21 million people following them on Twitter and over 1.2 million subscribed members in their VIP model spread across eight countries. Statistics show that the trend in casual clothing for the gym and office is on the rise and is expected to continue growing. With many brands coming up, prices are bound to be brought down in place of high quality. Due to this reason, Fabletics rides on the technology of its parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, to gather data on customers’ preferences and capitalize on that.


How Hudson Did It


Fabletics’ success story has not come easy. It is a journey that started following Hudson desire to provide quality affordable active-wear-line. The VIP membership prices start at $49 monthly. Therefore, it is recommendable for one to take the lifestyle quiz to enjoy the benefits. Kate Hudson was able to analyze the market and found the missing gaps. She led her team to create activewear for all shapes and sizes that are fashionable and fun to wear. Hudson has also learned to keep abreast with the market needs and make decisions according to data collected. She believes in herself and looks up to her mother for inspiration, which is why she hopes to become a great philanthropist in the future.