Avaaz – Helpers of the World

Avaaz is an American made civic association that was propelled into the world in January in the year of 2007. Avaaz advances worldwide activism on issues, for example, environmental change, human rights, and defilement. The name chosen is a transliteration of the Persian word âvâz which means voice in English. Ricken Patel is Avaaz’s founding president and executive director. He studied politics, philosophy and economics at Balliol College, Oxford University, he also received his Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University. He worked for the International Crisis Group around the world where he learned how to negotiate, monitor elections and restore trust to the political systems. When he returned to the United States, he volunteered to MoveOn.org, where he was able to learn how to use the helpful tools that are found online that could help him in his activism.

All of Avaaz’s global campaigns are managed by a team of people that are called campaigners who work from 30 different countries. They communicate with members by using email, they also use campaigning tactics, including online public petitions and videos. Avaaz will usually help any cause that appears progressive, such as wanting global action on climate change and also building an even greater global support for the refugees. In some cases Avaaz also uses legal advice to help clear up the best way for a campaign to go forward. Avaaz also will stage sit ins and rallies. When there is a suggestion for a campaign that come from the members, a team of guidance from specialists help pick a campaign. Once there is a suggestion Avaaz personnel will email the supports and if the emails get an adequate reaction, the campaign will then be opened to the entire world of Avaaz members. Avaaz claims that they want to unite practical idealists from all around the world and to close the gap between people and unite everyone and all idealists.

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