Diversant Continues To Expand And Spread Awareness On Ethnic Diversity

John Goullet has an exceptional amount of experience and knowledge within the industry for IT staffing, where he has successfully resided for a very long time. John first started out doing IT consultant work before he got into IT staffing. In 1994, he was inspired enough start up his own company for IT staffing, which he named Info Technologies. The company was able to pick up some popularity rather quickly, eventually becoming one of the fastest private company’s in the United States reaching a net worth in the tens of millions. Later on, after the surge of success, Info Technologies was merged into Diversant to create a separate company, Diversant LLC,

Today, the IT staffing company is also known to be the largest minority owned business in all of the United States. This has enabled John Goullet to share his knowledge and expertise with a large number of different people. John has first hand experience with start-up companies as well as handling clients and exceeding expectation for technical requirements. His exceptional skills in business along with his position in Diversant allows him to have a strong effect on ethnic diversity as well. The company’s staff and consultants have many different backgrounds and are able to create plans and strategies based on a large number of different cultural standpoints to provide different solutions for all kinds of life experiences. Diversant’s consultant staff is also very diverse in terms of ethnicity, which allows them to help people looking to meet diversity or cultural goals for their businesses.

The company has a variety of different ethnic backgrounds among its staff and directors. With this, Diversant LLC has become a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise. This is quite a unique aspect in comparison to other tech companies in the industry.

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Source: http://hackronym.com/john-goullet-building-the-future/

One thought on “Diversant Continues To Expand And Spread Awareness On Ethnic Diversity

  1. Diversant views ethnic diversity as something that is positive and not just some requirement or quota to meet, this is a reason why they are very supporting of the Harlem Business Alliance. It can also make the uk superior papers discount code do the needful which is very organized by these team.

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