Nathaniel Ru Helps Consumers Realize the Fast Food is Affordable


Nathaniel Ru has been getting a lot of praise for his company. He has been able to make people see that Sweetgreen is the type of company that is bringing people together for the sake of healthy eating. He has been able to make people see the benefits of fresh salads that are appetizing. The Nathaniel Ru formula is something that goes straight from the farm to the table. That is very exciting for all the people that are tired of the processed foods that are only making them gain more weight. Nathaniel Ru isn’t out to save the world, but he does want people to recognize that there is value in eating healthy food.


The supply chain for the Sweetgreen restaurant chain is very important. Nathaniel Ru looks for farmers that are going to be able to supply the adequate amount of food that is needed for a restaurant. This has a lot to do with new locations that come into play. Many people are going to be impressed with this supply chain method because it shows that Nathaniel Ru cares.


Sweetgreen is the company that has been able to provide people with access to some really great food choices, and the names of the meals are fun. At the Sweetgreen Music Festival there are things like the “Beet Don’t Kale My Vibe” salads that serve as a nod to Kendrick Lamar. This is something that gets lots of people excited about Sweetgreen if they are young and hip enough to know about Kendrick Lamar. It is obvious that Sweetgreen is out to capture the attention of a young crowd.


Sweetgreen has managed to bring a lot of people into a world of fast food that they would have never been able to experience before. Sweetgreen has some low calorie meals. This company does a lot to make people see that food is still affordable even when it is healthy. For many years this has been the common myth circulating in the fast food industry. They assume that the dollar menus are out there for fast food like cheeseburgers and fries. For just a little more customers can get access to warm bowls and salads from Sweetgreen. This is all a part of the Nathaniel Ru marketing strategy. He makes people see the value of eating healthy, and he helps consumers realize that they can afford it.

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