Nathaniel Ru: More than Just Redefining a Healthy Lifestyle


Every student in Georgetown is familiar with Sweegreen brand. They are familiar with the brand as a quick lunch between classes and a post-work out snack. For over six years, the founders of the Nathaniel Ru were the only Hoyas that knew about the Sweetgreen were its founders. Jonathan Neman (MSB “07) and Nathaniel Ru (MSB “07) were its founders. While the year began at senior level, they started discussing the limited options for affordable and healthy food in Georgetown. They said that their main issues concerned the love of food, need to solve the problem with their lives, and the desire to create a life-time brand.


They developed their business plan and laid down their mission. However, RU and Jammet had no experience in the enterprise area. The three students didn’t know what it took to develop a leading business even though their parents were successful entrepreneurs. They knew nothing about the food industry. The key to Sweetgreens success turned out to be their lack of experience. They approached every impending problem with a keen eye.


Their initial location was at M Street. They developed a 500-square-feet structure that was initially limited resources. They started thinking creatively in business lines. They determined whatever they could not avoid for the sake of the firm. They set a goal towards a commitment to quality ingredients and sustainability. They also sought advice from small business owners in the region.


It was never a school project. However, they spent their senior years and all the knowledge they acquired to develop their company. They learned about the importance of value-driven business strategies in their classes of activities. They also began to understand how a community’s culture would affect the brand. They are proud to live in a town that emphasizes the importance of service to the community. While they reflected on their values, they still made sure to incorporate their service into their startup company. They launched the company in 2010 as a program seeking to have children educated on healthy and nutrition living through workshops and various activities.


This program has branches in Virginia, New York, and Maryland. For today, the program has over 20,000 children participating. While you want to eat right, the more you know about food. The founders knew that they needed a way to connect to the surrounding communities when the second location began to fail. Music was their main incorporation to attract the youngsters. Their parties ended with a purpose.


Sweetgreen is an American chain of restaurants that serve healthy, simple, and seasonal food. The company was founded in 2007 by Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru, and Nicholas Jammet after their graduation ceremony. Sweetgreens has over 64 stores operating all-over the country in many states including New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.



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