Securuc Technologies Secures Your Future Investments Through Technology

Securus Technologies provides pivotal and necessary integrated software solutions for the Criminal and Civil Justice industry. The modernization of the incarceration process Securus America Technologies is able to report Monitor and maintain consistent and stable analytic results. Having a Better Business Bureau accreditation with an A+ rating is what you should expect from a company that oversees multi million-dollar businesses on a daily basis.
The implementation of technology into our integrated resources allows us the ability to make sure that all parties are operating in a just manner and staying compliant with regulations and rules. Through careful monitoring using unique software that is patented especially by Securus Technologies, Securus Technologies was able to uncover a scam by a major telecommunications provider for correctional facilities in the great state of Louisiana. The state commissioned an investigation. The results were published on PR Newswire.


This Correctional provider according to Securus was double charging, adding extra time to the beginning and end of calls, and other unjust and poor businesslike practices. llars. In a state where limited resources are being allocated having a Communications company Rob not only the state but the citizens of Louisiana is completely unacceptable. These are the type wrongdoings and integrity breaches that can be prevented when you utilize one of the many monitoring services offered by Securus Technologies.

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