Securus Technologies Acquires GovNetPay to Kick Off 2018 with Further Expansion

At the start of 2018, the civil and criminal justice corporation of Securus Technologies, Inc. announced that the company had acquired GovPayNet and that that it is a plan to further their payment services. Securus Technologies, Inc. has been working on a large number of projects for a handful of years now that will take the inmate welfare in the United States of America further. Acquiring GovPayNet is a part of those plans as well.



The corporation of GovPayNet is processor of payments made through a debit or credit cards. The service is oriented towards proving solutions and leading the market in its line of work. The processor of GovPayNet can be used to make payments for fines, court costs, traffic fines, cash bail, parking violation, speeding violations, as well as tax payments and payments in the real estate. More than 2 300 agencies across 35 states have been using the services of GovPyNet. The company covers over 26 percent of all counties of the United States of America.



The new Chief Executive Officer and President and Securus Technologies, Inc. Robert E. Pickens stated that the services of GovPyNet would help take Securus Technologies, Inc. to a net level of expansion and quality of services. The leader of GovNetPay Mak MacKenzie and his team have had more than twenty years of experience in their line of work and will be a useful and welcome addition to Securus Technologies, Inc. President and CEO Robert E. Pickens also added that Securus Technologies, Inc. would start processing more than 40 million payments every year thanks do GovNetPay.



Securus Technologies, Inc. has some significant goals for the year. It will be acquiring more businesses and slowly reveal their plans for expansion and increase the inmate welfare in prisons across the United States. President and CEO Robert E. Pickens will be leading all projects.



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