Securus Technologies Makes Christmas Celebrations Better for Inmates

Communication is considered to be one of the most important things for individuals who are incarcerated in any part of the world. Securus Technologies, one of the private institutions that offer technology and communication solutions to inmates in Mexico and America has transformed the lives of many since it was founded. The company provides safe and secure communication facilities to more than one million prisoners in the country. This year, the company introduced the video visitation application to make the Christmas holiday better and enjoyable. The video visitation service is expected to connect the inmates and their loved ones who are back at home.


The Securus Video Visitation is currently the most robust scheduling software that has been invented in the correctional facilities. The unique service is very easy to use, and it allows family members, friends, attorneys and any other visitors to schedule visits to the loved ones in prison using a mobile phone or PC that has been connected to the internet.


Before planning a visit, the user is supposed to electronically submit their user information and a photo for easier identification. This allows the staff in the prisons to have control over the individuals who are expected to schedule a visit. This particular feature also restricts the users based on their behavior. The scheduling platform is also integrated with the jail management system, and this ensures that all the visits are scheduled during the right timeslots.


The Securus Video Visitation service has several advantages. First of all, the service has the ability to live record and also monitor the visits. This is a great opportunity for the authorities to create new investigating opportunities. The service is also very beneficial in reducing the violence in the modern jail walls. The service is making everything easier for all the parties involved. As the families and friends enjoy talking to inmates, the jail staff can take advantage and flag the visit for use in investigative reviews.


The holiday season is around the corner, and children who are far away from their parents will not have to suffer because they are not close to their loved ones. The inmates will have an opportunity to spend time with their children and even watch them as they open their special presents on Christmas day. These kids will not feel the absence of their parents during the holiday season, thanks to the Video Visitation Service. The private company is looking forward to increasing better and efficient service in the future to make communication for the inmates easier.


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