Sussex Healthcare Is Going Through A Series Of Improvements

Sussex Healthcare is an independent organization based in Sussex. The organization owns around twenty homes that provide care and support services for the old aged in the society. The homes also offer special services and care to people suffering from age-related mental disorders like depression, dementia, anxiety and Alzheimer’s. Their services also extend to adults with learning difficulties as well as physical and neurological disabilities.

The Sussex Healthcare homes are built in a unique and state-of-the-art design. The rooms are complete with all the amenities required. There are recreational areas and facilities in the homes, therapy rooms that are completely equipped with the machinery necessary and up to date in terms of technology. Recently, the organization has unveiled a gym area that has been designed and built to fit the needs of the residents of the homes.

Sussex Healthcare employs a team of qualified and licensed caregivers including nurses, therapists, physical trainers and the general administration staff. Each of their staff members is chosen through a strict vetting process. The organization has also recently announced that it is employing more caregivers and applications were open to the public. This is all part of the process of improving the quality of services that the homes provide and expanding the organization.

Sussex Healthcare announced the arrival of their newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Amanda Taylor in recent news. Amanda who has been in the healthcare industry for more than three decades has become a valuable part of the organization. She is the brains behind the advancement and expansion program. Since she took on the CEO role in January this year, she has been able to create new positions in the company hence the new employment process. She is also overseeing the process of improving the Organization’s compliance level and improving the services that are being provided in the homes. She has been able to pull this off by listening to the concerns of the resident caregivers as well as the families of their clients and the community.

By paying keen focus on quality and client needs, Sussex Healthcare continues to dominate the industry and receive awards for its work.

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