Whitney Wolfe Refuses Every Price Tag

One thing that is very common in America and other developed countries is the idea that people can be bought. It is very common for someone to try to buy the soul of a person or the business of someone. The only thing is that some people have values that go beyond money. One example of a person with values that surpass money is Whitney Wolfe. She is the owner of Bumble and is currently in a battle to keep the company. The only issue is that she is having to deal with the advances of The Match Group as they try to buy it from her.

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Whitney Wolfe does not want to sell Bumble because it has been started with a principle and a purpose. One of the purposes behind Bumble is to bring about something for women to use. She has wanted women to have an advantage in the world of dating. At the same time, she has wanted women to enjoy friendships. Given that she is an entrepreneur, she has also wanted women to be able to start their own businesses and work together. One thing that she is aware of is all of the sexual harassment that can go on in the workforce.

However, even among entrepreneurs, there can be a ton of harassment. One thing that other business owners have is the mindset of competition. If they see someone that is making a lot of progress and growing at a quick rate, then they are going to try to attack the new company in any way that they can. Then they will try to buy them out. This is the exact issue that Whitney Wolfe is facing. She has made a huge splash in the online dating industry. This has caught attention of established companies. This has also caused quite a few reactions.

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